‘Scarf’, a new adventure in 3D with Spanish flavour

THQ Nordic take advantage of these hot summer that we accompany with the advertisement of the cold – Scarf, to be launched, as you may assume, this winter in format PC. The project developed by Uprising Studios, based in Salamanca, this is a 3D platform for all the public that will feature abundant environments, a charismatic protagonist who is wearing a stylish red scarf and the feeling of living in contact with nature.

The objective of Scarf is to transport us to an adventure in 3D, where Hyke, the protagonist, you must use your scarf polymorphic to explore the environment, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges. If you attend the presentation video, you can see the scarf Hyke is transformed into different objects that will help you to progress in your own journey. This mysterious garment to adapt to each world giving the character different abilities and mechanics in each level. According to progress of the argument, the character was born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls, and all start out on a trip with the main objective to merge with him and become part of nature.

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