10 Actors who hate their most famous movies

Despite the fact that some have achieved fame and success in his career through them, there are many actors who don’t like some aspects of his most famous movies. Whether it’s the costumes, the script, the idea, or the soundtrack, there are several who have opined negatively about any of his films portrayed. Do you want to know who you are?

In Great.guru we bring to you ten actors that don’t like it are details of some of their most famous movies.

1. Kate Winslet and Titanic

The actress regrets about the way in which you ran the role of Rose, she says that their performance is below their level on several occasions, and his accent is too marked. She also doesn’t like the scene of her naked (while Jack the draw) has made it so popular. Although, without a doubt, the thing that he hates is the song of Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On”, and is that the actress went on to say that every time that he heard gave him the urge to vomit.

2. Woody Allen and Manhattan

The director hated this movie despite the fact that many consider it to be the best of his entire filmography. People close to Woody Allen is told that, when this ended up making the film, she begged the producers not to publicize and destroy the tape, even offering to study to make a film totally free if they complied with the treatment.

3. Sylvester Stallone and Stop or my mom shoots it!

To Sylvester Stallone-this is his worst movie. What prompted you to police force it was a trick of his nemesis Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was his direct competition at that time. Arnold made him believe that he had the intention of interpreting it, and by this, Sylvester was quick to accept the role.

4. Clark Gable and gone with the wind was

The protagonist was not felt that this movie had great renown in his career, for him, it was just a movie for women, of no great importance. Even was about to leave the shoot, as he did not want his character to appear crying in front of the camera, regarding it as something quite feminine.

5. Jessica Alba and fantastic four and the Silver Surfer

Jessica Alba stated that, after making this movie, is raised to leave the world of cinema. This was due to the criticism that the director was doing, that led her to believe that she was a bad actress and that was no good for starring in the film. In his interview, even how there came a time when I hated acting.

6. Carrie Fisher and Star Wars

To the late actress did not like some of the dialogs created by George Lucas, and it was one of them that gave him the final push to start your career as a writer. Carrie nor I was excited to do the hairstyle that she wore as princess Leia, or the bikini metallic that had that look in Return of The Jedi.

7. Michelle Pfeiffer and petroleum Jelly 2

The phrase that Michelle Pfeiffer said some media was: “I Hate that movie with all my being and I can’t believe how bad it is. At that time, I was young and didn’t know any better”. The actress at that time had 24 years, and in Grease 2, she got the first major role that she was offered in her career as an actress.

8. Nicolas Cage and Hunt the terrorist

The actor signed a contract anticrítica to accept the filming of this movie, so that, although he looked like one of his worst films, he could not say a negative word about him in public. To be able to express your opinion without having to face a lawsuit by negative comments, Cage (and some actors more than the film) showed up with a t-shirt on which was written every word of this clause, and the title of the tape as a caption.

9. Richard Gere and pretty Woman

Although this film is the favorite of many, Richard Gere was only a romantic comedy, fool who prefers to forget, because he believes that is one of the worst tapes he has recorded in his career as an actor.

10. Zac Efron and High School Musical

Being only a teenager when he recorded this film, when he grew up, the actor saw his interpretation of it another way, and as he confessed in a magazine in which he was asked by his role in High School Musical: “sometimes I want to give a kick to that guy.”

Did you even know these stories? What has surprised you most?

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