10 Actors that are identical to the real people who played

An actor in a biopic always has a difficult task: to forget who he is and, during the shooting, become a completely different person. For example, Russell Crowe for the role of the famous mathematician John Nash in the movie A brilliant mind, he copied his character until the characteristic movements of his hands. And Emile Hirsch lost 18 kg to reincarnate in the brave traveler Christopher McCandless. And when we see how a person bright comes to life on the screen, we understand that not in vain the actors overcame all these difficulties.

Great.guru found photos of famous people whose lives were made movies. We are going to see how it looked actually and as “appeared” in the movies and chequearemos if the actors were able to recreate the prototype.

Christopher McCandless / Emile Hirsch in the film Into wild routes

Christopher McCandless is an american traveler took a solo trip to the uninhabited part of Alaska. After graduating from college, donated all their funds to charity and went on a journey. McCandless actually enjoyed survival without money and comfort.

Already in Alaska, Chris kept a diary: in total, described 189 days of your life in the wild. After spending 4 months in Alaska, the traveler died of exhaustion. According to another version, the death was caused by the fact that Chris ate the seeds of wild potato that could have caused latirismo.

Julia Child / Meryl Streep in the film The two lives of Julia

Julia Child is a chef of american cuisine. During the Second World War, he worked as an assistant to developers of a poison shark. His enthusiasm for cooking came later, when her husband asked in a restaurant for a fish dish so delicious that Julia immediately wanted to learn to cook in the same way.

Fame came to her when the Child brought an electric cooker, a pan and two dozen of eggs to a study of the famous tv show and demonstrated how to prepare his famous tortilla. It became apparent that there was no possibility of losing the chance, and soon, on television, were released the first programs of the show, The French Chef.

Aron Ralston / James Franco in the film 127 hours

Aron Ralston is a mountain climber american. During the ascent of Aaron to one of the slopes in Utah, his forearm was caught by a rock. The climber was able to remain in this position for 5 days, but then it ran out the water and the food.

There was only one way out: Aron had to amputate the hand to get out of the trap. Miraculously, wrestled with the pain and loss of blood, walked many miles through the desert under the burning sun, until he crossed paths with a group of tourists, which they called a rescue helicopter. Aron survived and now is an example of courage, true to many of their fellow countrymen.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Tom Hulce in the movie Amadeus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an ingenious austrian composer who possessed an ear for music phenomenal, and the ability to improvise. His father Leopold was a violinist and composer, and thanks to him, the young Mozart revealed his talent: his father always wanted to see his son as a composer.

For this, Leopold was with the children on a long tour of concerts. After 3 years of performances alongside her father, the little Wolfgang went from being a boy virtuoso to a real composer at the age of just 10 years. After the return of the young Mozart, as a composer, he was summoned to write the music jury called in honor of the prince-archbishop of Salzburg.

Klaus Schenk von Stauffenberg / Tom Cruise in the movie Operation Valkyrie

Klaus Schenk von Stauffenberg was a colonel of the Wehrmacht, a participant in the conspiracy against Adolf Hitler. The group of conspirators of which he was part, after the death of the Fuehrer, I thought a peace treaty would help to prevent the final defeat of Germany. But the plans did not become reality: the plot was discovered and the participants were kidnapped and executed.

In Germany post-war, the attitude towards the conspirators was ambiguous: until the mid-1960s, they were considered heroes but traitors. But in modern Germany, on the 20th of July was declared a day of mourning for the executed, and it is in the place of execution, where the soldiers of the Bundeswehr take a solemn oath.

Billy Beane / Brad Pitt in the film The game of fortune

Billy Beane is the legendary manager of baseball team Oakland Athletics. In his biography and extensive experience are the basis of the plot of the book on the economics of baseball. Billy played for 2 teams that won the world championship: “Twins” and “Athletics”.

When he finished his player career, he decided to become the manager of the team. Under his leadership, “Athletics” became the most cost-effective equipment, and was ranked in the fifth place of the list of the best teams of the season.

Bill Gates / Anthony Michael Hall in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley

Bill Gates is one of the creators of Microsoft, and until 2008, he was the head of the company. After leaving office, he remained in the company as chairman of the board of directors. Gates is one of the people that has most contributed to the charity.

The billionaire takes a style of life quite modest and adheres to the terseness in appearance, though the house where she lives with her family is equipped with the latest technology. In addition to the gadgets of high technology, in the house of the Gates there is a kicker: according to the Bill, jump on the trampoline helps you to focus.

Lee Harvey Oswald / Gary Oldman in the movie JFK

Lee Harvey Oswald was the only suspect, the official assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to the U.S. law, the deceased cannot be judged, but I agree with the conclusions of the Warren Commission, was named the killer.

According to the conclusions of the Warren Commission, Oswald, for 5,6 seconds, he made 3 shots at the car of the president. Many critics were not in agreement with the results of the work of the Warren Commission and have proposed several other versions. For example, that Oswald had conspired with other persons, or had not participated at all, but they had laid a trap.

Oskar Schindler / Liam Neeson in the movie Schindler’s list

Oskar Schindler was a businessman German industrialist who saved the lives of almost 1200 jews during the Holocaust. After what happened in the Krakow ghetto (1942), Schindler decided to negotiate with high-ranking nazi officials the opportunity to take their businesses to the jews in the Plaszow concentration camp, who were condemned to a certain death.

The number of people rescued by Schindler is estimated at approximately 1,200 people (800 men, 300 women and 100 children). There were 9 versions of the “List of Schindler” compiled for the nazi authorities. Until that day, we have found 5 listings.

John Forbes Nash / Russell Crowe in the movie A brilliant mind

John Nash was an american mathematician and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. He is the author of the concept of “Nash equilibrium” — the so-called set of strategies in a game for two or more players in which none of the players can increase the gain by changing his strategy when other participants do not change their strategies.

Not had the opportunity of reading in the traditional conference of the Nobel Prize at the Stockholm University, because, for that moment, I was very weak in health. In contrast, a seminar was organised with his participation, where he discussed the contribution of John Nash to game theory.

Some actors are surprisingly similar to their real prototypes at the same age. Does it bother you when the real person does not look like the one shown in the movie or described in the book?

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