10 Actresses who deserve an “Oscar”, but who have never won

It seems that those who granted honours and awards can also be wrong. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why these talented actresses, known to millions of viewers, never received an “Oscar”.

In Great.guru we have made our list of actresses who deserve this great prize. Some, unfortunately, will no longer receive this statuette coveted, but most still have all the chances to interpret “that role” and compete for the prize. And who agregarías to this list?

Helena Bonham Carter

This british actress, without doubt a lot of talent, has in his filmography many roles memorable and bright. Remember to psycho Marla Singer in “fight club” or the incomparable Bellatrix Lestrange in “Harry Potter”.

But Helena also embodied artistically role-plays that earned him two nominations for the “Oscar”. One, for the starring role in the film “the wings of the dove”, and another by the role of the Queen Mother in the film “The king’s speech”. In addition, the actress was nominated 7 times for a Golden Globe, but neither has won.

Amy Adams

The amount of nominations, Amy Adams is being compared to Leonardo DiCaprio. The actress has been nominated for a statuette five times, although more than anything in the category of “Best supporting actress”. Unfortunately, one of his performances more remarkable went unnoticed by the critics and was left without a nomination last year. We talked about his role in the movie “The arrival”, where Adams plays the part of a linguist trying to establish contacts with extraterrestrials.

Demi Moore

One of the actresses most beautiful and famous of the 90’s, that will always be remembered for his brilliant roles in the movies “G. I. Jane” and “Ghost, the shadow of love”. This last received 5 nominations for the “Oscar”, but the film critics set aside the action of Moore. Unfortunately, in the years 2000, due to the commercial failure of his films, his career was stopped, and Demi has been away from the main prizes.

Keira Knightley

At 32, Knightley managed to play an important role in the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”; to embody on the screen such characters as Anna Karenina and the duchess Georgiana Cavendish. He was twice nominated for an “Oscar”, first for his role in the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, “Pride and prejudice”, and then for her performance in the historical drama “The Enigma code”. After giving birth in 2015, Knightley not worked with too often, but for some reason we are sure that his best roles have not yet been reached, and that some day will be awarded with the statuette.

Glenn Close

Do you remember the villainess Cruella de Vil from the movie “101 Dalmatians”? The american actress Glenn Close, who played this role, has an almost record number of Oscar nominations. Already going for 6. Unfortunately, not once it has gained. It is very sad, because Close is a true master of disguises. You have to remember at least his role in the film “Albert Nobbs,” where she played a woman who masquerades as a man for more than 20 years.

Jessica Chastain

While many of the spectators remembered and quiren to Jessica Chastain for her role in the film “Interstellar”, by then she already had 2 nominations for the coveted “Oscar”. A for his excellent performance in the film “Historias cruzadas”, and another for his leading role in “The darkest night”. But it has never won.

Perhaps in this season of cinema, the actress have good luck. Recently premiered the movie was written by Aaron Sorkin, “Molly”s Game”, where Chastain played the role of Molly Bloom, the organizer of games of chance clandestine known as The “princess of poker”. .

Catherine Deneuve

The critics only once recognized the work of one of the actresses more talented than France. In 1993 he was nominated for the “Oscar” for his role in the movie “Indochina”, but this time the statuette was placed in the hands of Emma Thompson. Deneuve has many good roles, for example in the films “The umbrellas of Cherbourg”, “Dancer in the Dark”, “8 women”. An unfortunate omission for critics of the film. Anyway, we know what they like to do in these cases to the organizers of the Oscar. Delivered to the actors and actresses an “Oscar” of honor for his outstanding achievements in cinema. And this French definitely deserve it.

Michelle Williams

The actress was nominated four times for his roles in the films “brokeback mountain,” “Blue Valentine,” “My week with Marilyn” (where incarnated to perfection the actress legendary) and a small role in the film “Manchester by the sea”. It seems that at this step your victory is not far away. This year Michelle Williams has already received a nomination for the “Golden Globe” for the movie “All the Money in the World” (incidentally, the same that were deleted the scenes with Kevin Spacey).

Uma Thurman

The muse of Tarantino was nominated for “Oscar” in the distant 1995 for her role as Mia Wallace in “violent Times”. Then the winner was Dianne Wiest for his role in the movie “Bullets Over Broadway”. Then came the roles in the movies “les miserables”, “Kill Bill”, “Gattaca”, but received no nominations.

Marilyn Monroe

Due to that she became famous in the role of blonde silly, the critics do not take seriously the actions of Monroe, and the actress throughout her career she made several attempts to get rid of that image. Sometimes I could achieve this, for example in the drama “The misfits”, where she played a divorced woman.

Being one of the actresses most sought-after and the sex symbol of Hollywood of his time, Monroe never received an academy award nomination. And his most important award was the Golden Globe for her role in the film “Some prefer to burn”.

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