10 popular Animals on Instagram that you’ll want to follow. And there are kittens

Having a pet is fun. After all, what could be more cute than a kitten that is stretched out under the sun or a tough dobermans trying to catch his tail? The funniest moments and poignant always try to capture with the camera, and some people, to share with the world, even created social networking pages for their loved ones plush. And, sometimes, the accounts of pets created as a joke become more popular than their owners.

Great.guru found the popular star of four-legged Instagram, and encourages you to join his army of followers. Surprisingly, among them there is not a single cat.

1. Loki, the dog wolf

In their veins flows the blood of siberian husky, malamute and polar wolf. Loki and his owner live in the state of Colorado, where the adventure never ends, as indicated in his profile of Instagram.

However, they love to travel and have traveled almost all of North America. The owner of Loki hoped that his adventures will inspire other people to travel with their pets.

2. Ludwik, the bald guinea pig

This baby of Poland is a true blogger of food. We love to eat rich and poses with joy in front of the camera to its owner.

Besides, Ludwik has a girlfriend, the bitch Lola, which was brought to an animal shelter. While it was a puppy, this girl had to endure many things, but now, at the side of Ludwik, it looks pretty happy.

3. The prairie dogs Swarley and Dustin

These rodents cheerful living in Arizona along with his owner and her other pets: a labradoodle, a duck, a hedgehog and a turtle, who often appear with them in photos.

But the real stars of Instagram are Dustin and Swarley. Cassidy, his mistress, aware that their pets are individuals and each one has its own character. Swarley is independent and autonomous, and Dustin loves the be petted.

4. The rabbits Suki and Otis

These guys live with his mistress Molly in Massachusetts. Suki and Otis are angora rabbits, and seem to be stuffed toys. His ears are like wings of angels.

Molly says that her parents had rabbits on his farm, so his love for these animals can be called innate. The first pet of this girl, famous on the Internet, it was Wally, a puppy funny with the muzzle red. For this reason, the account popular in Instagram is called: “Wally and Molly”.

5. MacGyver the lizard tegu colorado

This huge lizard can compete with the cats and dogs most popular Instagram by the number of followers you have. It also has its own page on Facebook and a YouTube channel.

To MacGyver he loves to swim and go for a walk. Likes to take the sun because it is an animal of cold blood. It is loving with its owner: you like to load, and often sleeps in his bed under a blanket.

6. Pork Ham

The owner of this pig has a peculiar sense of humor. He decided to call his pet Ham.

It allows you to sleep on the couch of the owner, out for a walk with her and eat delicious things. We will also put beautiful costumes and take photos for Instagram, and he seems to like.

7. Pringle the bearded dragon

This lizard lives in Melbourne, Australia. It is famous for its love for the sun and their costumes unusual.

The owner of Pringle account that feels soft to the touch and likes to watch television holding his pet in his arms. It also says that is always looking for interesting things to take photos of your pet.

8. The chinchilla Sr. Bagel

This charming rodent is not only a cute little animal.

Mr. Bagel is a true activist of animal rights that encourages its followers on Instagram to stop wearing clothes of skin.

9. The huskies Blu and Moon

Those who at least once have seen a husky know how emotional and charismatic are these animals. A husky can give a sea of positive energy, but what happens if there are two? Then, the life of its owners it is doubly more interesting.

The owner of these dogs says that they are often hard to cope with. By the way, Blu has just become a star of the Internet thanks to this: a video where he challenges his owner. The video has been seen by more than 30 thousand people.

10. The chiweenie Tuna

This dog was picked up by his owner today of the side of the road, and, now, Tuna is a star of Instagram.

Chiweenie is a mix between chihuahua and dachshund. Although this breed is very popular in the united States, his previous owners decided to get rid of Tuna, very probably, due to her bite defective. Now, this feature has become very popular and day by day grows the number of their followers.

Bonus: “Goats of anarchy”

“Goats of Anarchy” is a shelter for goats abandoned in New Jersey. Its owners, rescue animals, care for them and let them live on his farm.

Many of the pets of these good people need medical help and some even do them for prosthesis. One of the goats needed psychological help, and to get rid of your panic attacks, it helped, nothing more and nothing less than… a costume of a duck.

What do you say? Which of these stars of Instagram you want to follow? Or maybe you have a pet that could be very popular on the Internet? Share your photos in the comments.

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