10 Items of daily use that can serve to give first aid in an emergency

In 2017, a new york company began the marketing of pharmacies “smart”, not only able to provide medicines for first aid, but also quickly offer advice on their products. Unfortunately, in unexpected situations it may not have a first aid kit, but often there are items on hand that don’t have nothing special at first glance, but that are able to be useful.

Great.guru decided to investigate what common products can be used to provide first aid, or that are useful in emergency situations.

1. Juice, milk, beer

When you suffer a burn, the most important thing is to chill the place of the wound as soon as possible. The specialists recommend to do this with the help of tap water in a duration of not less than 10 to 15 minutes. But in the event that this is impossible, any cold drink can save you from this situation. For example, the milk and non-alcoholic beverages, except beer. It’s not worth pouring on the damaged skin something fatty, for example, vegetable oil.

2. Bags products

After cooling the site of the burn is necessary to wrap them in plastic to prevent infection. For this purpose will serve well the bags for breakfast, or freeze products. These materials do not stick to the surface of the damaged skin and create a barrier of protection against microbes.

3. Diapers and sanitary towels

These hygiene products can become an excellent material for dressing, in particular because they possess a good degree of absorption.

4. Sugar

To eliminate the pain of a tongue burnt with a hot drink you can use sugar. You must scatter a small amount of sugar and wait a few minutes while it dissolves. Sugar decreases the burning sensation and contributes to the recovery of the work of the taste buds.

5. Fastener

To be under a curtain of smoke, a fastener may become a mask of provisional protection as long as they are traditional models that are not made of silicone. The tops of the fasteners made of materials that let air pass can filter the smoke and dust that obstruct the normal breathing.

6. Cereals of oats

To eliminate the itching caused by sunburn you can take a bath hot of 15 minutes by adding 200 grams of oatmeal. Place it in a small bag clean, or a sock, and hang it on the faucet.

7. Packets of tea

The tea not only helps to remove the swelling of the eyelids. Thanks to the tannins in its composition, this also features with anti-inflammatory actions and is able to remove the irritation after insect bites. For this you must prepare a tea bag and then let it cool down and place them in the place of the bite until the itching.

8. Glue PVA

A good method to get a splinter shallow for small children, who often do everything possible to avoid it to see tweezers or needles, is to place a bit of glue PVA in the splinter and the skin at the side of it. After that dries, what you have to do is to remove the hard layer of glue from the skin along with the splinter.

9. Plastic syringe

These syringes of measurement are often placed in packages with liquid medications for children. The syringes can also be used for the removal of splinters. It is sufficient to place it on the skin by putting the edge of the splinter that protrudes to the surface in the opening, and then quickly suctioned with the syringe. The sliver will remain in the syringe.

10. Super glue

In the most extreme situations, for example, if while doing any repair or construction, turns out to be that you do not have medicines, gauze, or any kind of resource to heal wounds, you can use super glue. When applied in a clean cut and dry or a cut, this can help to raise the edges of the wound. Can only be used in small amounts and only if the wound is small and not bleeding. You should not use super glue on the face, animal bites, sores or places of fold (for example, on the inner side of the elbow). Here you can read more information.

Have you ever had to administer first aid using items at hand? Do you have your own tricks of life on how to use ordinary things in an efficient way and different than what you may be used in emergency situations?

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