10 Characteristics of authentic leather and how to distinguish it from the synthetic leather

How to distinguish authentic leather from the synthetic leather? The manufacturers are obliged to label their articles, but, unfortunately, you can not always trust them. Modern technologies allow to imitate the skin. What to do if you want to buy an article of skin, for example, in a market of Europe, or in a small family store?

What factors can determine if in front of you is an article from skin true or one of synthetic leather?

Great.guru collected basic methods that you can apply at the same time your final decision on a purchase.

1. The skin retains the heat

The artificial material does not retain and shall not transfer the heat, but the skin authentic practically heats up immediately in the hands and for some time retain its temperature.

The synthetic leather also can be heated a little by the touch, but its surface is a little wet. The real leather is always dry.

If you hold in your hands a leather sole and an authentic leather, you can feel the difference immediately.

2. Drawing unmatched

The authentic leather has a unique drawing and the artificial material is characterized by an ornament and recurring “marks” of the same size. But, in this case, there is the risk of confusing the faux with the authentic leather stamped, since his drawing is also a bit varied.

On the other hand, is the special structure. The authentic leather has pores that always can be seen if we look more closely or through a magnifying glass. The pores are also placed erratically. Modern technologies already can mimic that, but anyway, if you watch carefully, you see that they are just drawings and are not holes.

3. We check the interior or the court

Not all items reach the inner part by which it can judge about the authenticity of his material. Try to find a cut checked out to see the structure.

The authentic leather has a greater amount of fibers of suede , and the base of the synthetic material is the fabric natural or synthetic.

Therefore, you can distinguish authentic leather from an artificial material of high quality: the organic skin may have a texture almost identical, but the base of this organic skin will always be fabric.

4. The weight is a reason

The authentic leather will always be more heavy than the synthetic. This is noticeable even in small items, especially felt in the coats of skin. Of course, different types of skin can also influence, for example, the leather of sheep weighs less than the toro.

But the synthetic leather of all modes will be lighter than any natural skin. In addition, sometimes you can even be lighter than some fabrics.

5. The smell is the difference

All we ever bought shoes from synthetic leather, you know in what consists the difference: the new shoes have a strong smell of chemicals, which disappears after a long time.

Leather items have a light scent, and discreet, of course, if we speak of a material of good quality. However, producers can use flavouring special, that mimic the smell of leather. But such flavoring agents can defraud the buyer only if the artificial material is of good quality, because the smell of chemical ingredients cheap you can’t hide it with anything.

6. Reaction to the moisture

It is an easy method and illustrative to distinguish authentic leather from the synthetic leather, but it is quite difficult to use when you buy. The authentic leather always absorbs the moisture. This is especially noticeable in clear skin: the dark spot you see in the article until the water is dry.

The items of synthetic leather will not absorb the water and the color does not change.

7. Tactile sensations

The authentic leather, except leather shoes, he will never be lisoa. The texture may be different, but the touch is always a little scratchy. The artificial material is smooth and slippery.

If you turn the skin, it slightly changes the color in the crease, but it will not leave wrinkles. The faux fur does not change color, but it will leave wrinkles.

Specialists advise you to pay attention to the price: the articles of authentic leather of good quality can not cost so cheap. But, at the same time, you must take into account the varieties of the skin.

Segment under

The skins of pig, bull or cow are varieties of cheap which are distinguished by the width, the density and the stiffness. For shoes low price and jackets, often using the skin of pork or beef, and belts and backpacks made from skin of bull, which is more durable.

The middle segment

The skins of calf, sheep and goat are varieties of soft and solid. In them almost never wrinkles form. The skin is thin, but at the same time is of very good quality and maintains its shape perfectly.

Segment high

Are types of skins rare and expensive, such as deer, crocodile, snake and ostrich. The articles of these skins differ in their high quality and extraordinary appearance. However, such a garment will cost a lot to the buyer.

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