10 Celebrities who became successful despite the failures

The contemporary of Van Gogh did not recognize his art, but he continued to paint, and he left his soul in his paintings. No publisher wanted to publish the Harry Potter book, but the writer Joanne Rowling never stopped believing that someone someday was going to like their fictional world.

Success rarely comes at the first attempt, and goes hand in hand with not only talent, but also perseverance.

Great.guru has compiled several inspiring stories of different people, however, have one thing in common: perseverance. They never gave up, they went to his dream and loved with all his heart what they were doing.

The first company of Bill Gates broke

As bill Gates himself, since the school was literally obsessed with computers and programming. It is not surprising that already in the university along with a friend have tried to create their company. It was called “Traf-O-Data” and was devoted to the creation of a program for the management of traffic. Unfortunately, the company was not successful and soon closed.

But this didn’t put pessimistic of the future millionaire, but encouraged. And a few years later appeared the legendary company Microsoft.

Marilyn Monroe lost its contract with a major film company at the beginning of his career

Few know it, but the success and popularity did not come to the famous Marilyn immediately. His first cinematic experience turned out to be a failure. In 1948 he signed a contract with Columbia Pictures and made a role in the low budget film “Ladies of the Chorus“. The film failed and the studio broke the contract with her for ”lack of talent and impressive physical appearance”.

Despite this, Monroe did not abandon his career, took constantly acting classes, began to learn new roles and soon became a major sex symbol of the TWENTIETH century.

The colonel Sanders throughout his life he had a precarious job and became rich only in the old age

Harland David Sanders is the man who invented and created the world-famous fast food chain KFC. It is he who smiles from the signs of this company. But it took to build his empire. During his life he was military, he worked as an insurance agent, stoker, miner, and farmer.

At the age of 40, Sanders began to cook chicken dishes and sell them in your service station. Only 25 years later he managed to find potential franchisors, and soon he began to open a store after another. Sanders created a unique look and has always used only the white suits with a black tie to close. Actively participated in the affairs of the company until the end of his life and died at the age of 90.

Luciano Benetton grew up in a poor family and sold all of his property to build your business

The family Benetton was not rich. After the death of the father, the mother was alone with four children. One day one of the older daughters, Juliana, decided to knit a sweater for your brother Luciano. The sweater turned out to be very attractive (at that time not used). Then the young man came up with the idea to knit sweaters for sale.

To buy a machine from work, he had to sell an accordion, a bicycle, and living almost starved to death during four long months. But the boys had luck. The production was sold well, and success was not far away. The bright clothes of Benetton soon became famous all over the world. In large part, thanks to the ingenuity of the directors of the company, that use an advertising provocative. The company is still managed by its founders, the four brothers of Benetton.

The acting of Charlie Chaplin was not fond of the head, and the actor barely able to keep his contract with the film company

Now it is hard to imagine the film world without the great Chaplin. But it turned out that in his creative path there were also obstacles. In 1913 he was chosen by the film producer Mack Sennett. However, after the first role of the actor, Sennett admitted that he added very hastily Chaplin to your computer, and regretted his decision.

For the british Chaplin was difficult to adapt to the new conditions of the film and the pressure. With difficulty, Sennett allowed the actor to continue on the project. This time, Chaplin did not disappoint and soon became a true star.

Gal Gadot was tired of the endless castings and was going to leave the world of cinema forever

Not all Hollywood actors have the luck to obtain an important role at the beginning of his career. This happened to Gal Gadot, the interpreter of the role of Wonder Woman. To 18 years the girl won the title of “Miss Israel“, after which many proposals were received for filming in advertising and magazine covers. But Gadot dreamed of the cinema, while its greatest advance during a long time remained a small role in several parts of ”Fast and furious“.

Tired of the endless casting calls and negative responses, the actress began to think seriously of change of profession. But in 2013 he won the audition on a secret project and won the starring role in the movie “Wonder Woman”. Will it be possible to imagine now someone else in this role?

Michael Jordan was not able to be a part of the basketball team of the school

Boy, Michael Jordan practiced different sports, but especially liked basketball. However it was not so simple. When he was in the ninth grade was only 175 centimeters, and the trainer is not summoned to the team, choosing boys higher.

Jordan was so disappointed that you promised yourself to do everything possible to demonstrate to the trainer of their error. He worked hard and practiced the jump to compensate for his short stature. In the eleventh year, Michael not only grew, but he also honed his skills and became part of the school team, then College and then the NBA. Who knows where I would be this kind if it were not for his great perseverance.

The works of Claude Monet for a long time had no recognition

Paintings that now sell for millions of dollars were once of little interest to art lovers and the general public. The work of one of the founders of impressionism did not receive recognition and his family was on the brink of poverty constantly.

Recently when the artist had 39 years he held his first exhibition, which brought him success. The paintings finally found their buyers. Subsequently, Monet earned a place of honor in the list of the artists with the most talent and the impressionism of once fell in love with art lovers from all over the world.

Jack London received endless negative to publish their stories

The writer Jack London grew up in a poor family. In the school years he had to study and sell newspapers and after working in a factory. At the age of 22, London began to write novels and short stories by submitting them to all the newspapers and magazines. But they were sent back constantly. They say that the writer has received around 600 responses negative, but not doubted his talent and continued writing.

Finally, in 1893, published the first trial of the writer, “Typhoon off the coast of Japan“, which was the beginning of his literary career.

Harrison Ford got only minor roles and worked as a carpenter until the age of 35

One of the early more difficult, but interesting in Hollywood by right belongs to Harrison Ford. At the beginning of his career, the actor also played several secondary roles, and 15 years later completely desperate he decided to devote himself to woodworking. Things were going well and Ford even hired helpers.

This lasted for about 8 years, until George Lucas found a carpenter who was doing repairs in the office of Francis ford Coppola and invited him to read the script. Harrison liked the director, got the role of Han Solo and woke up famous.

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