10 Cocktails popular that damage the figure, but can easily be replaced

The cocktails are popular, most contain alcohol and a lot of calories. Therefore, they are not compatible with the diet and slender figure. And what must one do if you want to have your moment of relaxation? Replace them with drinks lighter, but equally rich that do not contain excess sugar and does not reduce to nothing all your efforts in the gym.

Great.guru compiled 10 substitute of cocktails are popular that don’t make you feel guilty for being drunk.

1. Long island (424 kcal) — Cosmopolitan (100 kcal)

Worse. The popular drink long island contains vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and Coca-Cola. Therefore, a standard glass of this drink (420 ml) containing a total of 424 kcal.

Best. The cocktail cosmopolitan contain less alcohol and a bit of cranberry juice. The cosmopolitan is very delicious, and their portion (250 ml) contains less than 100 kcal.

2. Pina colada (З00 kcal) — Fuzzy Navel (120 kcal)

Worse. Known all over the world, the caribbean cocktail pina colada contains a large amount of coconut and pineapple, so that, often, 230 ml of the drink contains almost 300 kcal.

Best. The cocktail bar called Fuzzy Navel (“Belly button hairy”) contains schnapps peach and orange juice, which makes it an excellent substitute, and so contains only 120 kcal.

3. Mojito (242 kcal) — Martini (70 kcal)

Worse. Mojito: one of the cocktails of spa most popular, but because of the sugar syrup, 250 ml of the mojito can contain more than 240 kcal.

Best. You can substitute a martini equally popular; 250 ml of martini classically contains only 70 kcal.

4. Gin and tonic (170 kcal) — Gin & Slimline Tonic (70 kcal)

Worse. “Gin-tonic”: one of the favorites in the beaches, spas and clubs all over the world. But there is a lot of sugar in it; 210 ml of the drink contains about 170 kcal.

Best. Slimline tonic is another brand of tonic that contains less calories. Therefore, a drink called “gin & slimline tonic” has the same aspect, but at the same time, 210 ml contains only 70 kcal.

5. “Ron-cola” (210 kcal) — “Ron-cola dietetics” (115 kcal)

Worse. “Ron-cola”: the most popular drink in many parties. But 280 ml contains approximately 210 kcal.

Best. For the same drink contains fewer calories, it is enough to replace the tail usual for a dietary. Total: 115 kcal

6. White Russian (208 kcal) — Daiquiri (140 kcal)

Worse. The white Russian is another cocktail that has become incredibly popular after the release of a movie. This cocktail was drunk by “The Dude” (the main character of the movie The big Lebowski). But 100 ml of white Russian contains 208 kcal.

Best. The ideal replacement will be a daiquiri. A refreshing drink of mango, rum and lime juice. And only 140 calories in the same serving.

7. White wine (160 kcal) — sparkling Wine (89 kcal)

Worse. Of course, the wines are different, and the calorie content depends on the grape type and sugar added. But the glass average of 175 ml contains approximately 160 kcal.

Best. The sparkling wine can be considered a carbonated beverage a “dietary”. A portion of 120 ml contains less than 89 kcal.

8. Vodka-tonic (175 kcal) — “Lime-soda” indian style (106 kcal)

Worse. “Vodka-tonic” is a cocktail that contains a lot of sugar and has a high calorie content; 280 ml contains 175 kcal.

Best. The ideal replacement will be a “lime-soda” indian style, which does not contain excess sugar, it has only 106 kcal in the same portion.

9. Margarita (280 kcal) — Mule moscow (120 kcal)

Worse. “Margarita” — another cocktail of fashion, which in its 230 ml contains 280 kcal. By the way, to compare: a slice of pizza that weighs 100g has less of 253 kcal.

Best. An excellent substitute will be a cocktail called a Moscow Mule “or ” mule of moscow”. Contains only 120 kcal in 170 ml.

10. Black beer (220 kcal) — Beer protein (92 kcal)

Worse. There are thousands of varieties of beer, each one has its own content of calories, but one of the leaders in terms of gravity will be the dark beer. A pint contains 220 kcal, but can be replaced easily.

Best. Are now becoming popular beers of protein that have content that is very low in calories. However, they are not sold everywhere. Therefore, if you choose to of what there is, the less caloric it will be beer without alcohol (0.2 litres — 50 kcal), then, the light beer (0.5 liters — 170 kcal).

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