10 Tips useless that it is better to bury forever

The “pseudo-wisdom” has now reached the peak of its popularity. A woman gave birth to a child, and now is a specialist in pediatrics and pedagogy, somebody read a book smart about the business and drew their own conclusions about the universe. And nothing would happen if all the knowledge the keep for one’s self, but it is not, and some can’t live without to tell the other how they should act. Most of the tips of these “pseudo-wise”, not only not help, but hinder others out of their own situations.

Great.guru proposes you that you get to know the 10 tips more useless that you may already have given. Or maybe you yourself give? It is time to put a stop to that!

10. “Think of that are worse than you”

Despise the own experiences can be just as harmful to dive into them. There will always be people that, at first view, lead a life worse than yours. But this may not be an excuse to stick your nose in things of other people, at the expense of that contrast, try to increase your own self-esteem.

Do you want to change? So it is worth it to help someone who really needs it. But before that, first make sure that you do not fall into the scam of some beggars are professionals.

9. “Loose situation”

If a classmate gives you this advice before the test, then you can make the case. If in your family there are arguments and fighting, then drop the situation means that things happen as they come, without interfering with them. Here, of course, you can also drop in the other end, exaggerating things by dragging your spouse to consultations weekly mandatory with a psychologist of the family. But if you’re not satisfied with your family life, start by yourself, without the expectation that your changes can be appreciated immediately by the others.

8. “Take vitamins / fresh juice / dietary supplements / protein”

The recommendation to take vitamins can only be prescribed by a doctor, and only after be first subjected to certain tests. Suggestions for a power focused to the sport only have the right to give it those professional experts on the matter. Of course, you can advise someone to take fresh juices. Only that, again, it is necessary to impact on the level of acidity of the stomach is different in each individual, so that that that comes to take in the morning, to another you can cause a burning of belly that makes you remember it, and badly, for an entire week.

7. “Buy yourself a new dress and some shoes, enjoy the night”

Shopping can really distract you if you’ve gone through a bad experience, but it is much more useful to the very fact of doing so in the company of a friend, preferably a person cheerful and optimistic. Here, the main thing is not the dress, but the process. If you start to wander alone in a mall, simply nothing will improve, and the risk to make many spontaneous purchases will be too high, what after you mind even more, if possible.

6. “You must deal with this”

Nobody likes to be worthy of something, and when you hear typical phrases like “you Have to deal with that”, it appears that feeling that you are bothering your partner and he does not want to take with you, or even talk, of the problem. Therefore, only two things can happen at this point: he who is in front of you is not your true friend, or you complain too much instead of trying to find a solution to your problems.

5. “Do not blame yourself for the mistakes of the past”

It’s great if your partner is a psychologist, and after this phrase, it describes several options for analyzing the experience of the mistakes of the past and the methods to follow in order to forgive yourself and others. But if it says a friend car mechanic, or a fellow accountant, we speak of a tip with a blank background, not to say useless.

4. “Just, forget it / olvídala”

Really? Is that possible? Even the that gives the council knows that if one does not suffer to the maximum, if you do not get to the bottom of that pain, not be able to start again to get back to normal life. Therefore, the best response to such a recommendation can only be: “do you Have any advice normal?”.

3. “Change of strategy”

Once more, you can not flood us the faith in that person who has read two books smart and now imposes methods to all who are around you. Here the same happens with vitamins: the strategy must be selected for each specific case. If you got stop smoking thanks to a book, another does not have to do this as well, but yes you can be impressed by a film about the livestock and stop eating meat. The strategies should be recommended by those who have information of many things, not only by those who know a couple of them.

2. “Accept it”

“Even if you ate, you still have two outputs”: it seems like the fans to give tips you have not heard anything of this popular wisdom. It is much easier to talk of fate to forge your own fate with your hands. But, as is well known, the darkest night precedes the dawn came, more radiant, and if you really pursue your dreams, you must muster all your willpower to find new ways, or become a pioneer and not a mere passer-by.

1. “Don’t stop, don’t give up”

Or in the area of relationships, or to find your destiny, this advice can be applied, as much, at work and on the part of the director of the project. If you feel that you are going in the wrong direction, if you don’t like what you’re doing, you just need to stop and ask yourself the question: do I Do what I like and with the right person? Life there is only one and it is very important to stop “thinking” so as not to regret the missed opportunities to reach old age.

What tips do you find completely useless? Or maybe you are sinning to give this type of suggestions? Confess your situation in the comments.

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