10 Tips to stop being manipulated by the social networks

Admit it, sure you have a profile on at least one of the social networks. This statistic shows that there are at least 53 million users of Facebook in the U.S. Every day we open different applications and we can travel by their lines of time. However, rarely think of the enormous impact that these platforms have on our lives. You go from being a simple hobby that consumes much of our time to an influential global view, the social networks end up manipulating our lives. Up to you to decide if you allow or not.

We in Great.guru we collect simple tips, but useful on how to find a balance between your social life and the activities of your real life.

1. Why are you scrolling down through the News Feed?

All platforms of the social networks have their own means and tools to attract our attention and make us spend hours exploring new pages. According to recent statistics, teens spend up to 9 hours a day on social networks and the average adult spends almost two hours in different social media platforms. It is more than we usually spend interacting with our family, or eating.

Then, why do we do this? This is the first question that we must ask ourselves. Of course, there are people who just have to do it by their work or those who prefer to make backup copies of their brains, using gadgets and social networks. But, why of all the possible ways of relaxation we chose to travel hours and hours for the News Feed of a social network? Let’s be honest and admit that very rarely we find something new when you open the app each time.

2. You know the gap between real life and the life in social networks.

We often speak of images that are unrealistic for celebrities to publish in the social networks, and how different that really is his normal life. However, we rarely think that we also do the same thing. We want to share only the most exciting moments, the beautiful, and spotless of our lives and we skip the ones with the boring details.

Therefore, people created unintentionally, the idea of a perfect life. Have you ever felt jealous of someone and your perfect life? May have more friends than you, photos in a big mansion, a tan or a cute dog. For all we know. But what are real? Do these people really live this way? Like us, they want the world to only see the side perfect for their lives and hide the rest. That is why it is very important to take into account the difference between the real image of a person and trying to create in their social networks.

3. Follow what is of your interest, not what is popular.

There are millions of accounts and different pages in the social networks. While exploring social networks, you can stay trapped in the habit of following accounts that are popular one after another. While other people might think that follow the profile of a celebrity is a must, you may find it boring. Why would you want to see how other people fight and make a plastic surgery? You have your own life and your time is valuable, so devote yourself to the things that matter, not things that other people consider interesting. Don’t let the social networks handle your interests and preferences.

4. Turn off “shared mode”.

Every minute of our life is precious and always we’re eager to share the most exciting events with our friends. However, some people may be too attached to their devices, so they spend almost all their free time looking in telephone applications. No matter what you do, you feel the need to share it on the social networks. They do not realize what happens around them because they are too busy applying filters and thinking in hashtags.

The experts say that people today fear that their friends will forget them if they don’t appear in your timeline as often as possible. Do not develop the fear of missing out on life. In fact, according to Tech Times, FOMO (the acronym for “fear of missing out”, it means fear to miss something in the social networks) can lead to depression and anxiety mainly in the teen users of social networks. You must find a balance in everything. Disable the “mode share” and enjoy the precious moments of your life with your friends and family. You can always post a photo later and stay involved in what happens now.

5. Interact with real people more often.

If you don’t live in a very distant galaxy, try to interact more often with real people with their avatars digital. In addition, it is much more healthy going for a walk with your friends than stay inside talking with them on the social networks. There is nothing like seeing your friends smile, or hitting them in the shoulder after a joke great. Make some new connections. But face-to-face.

6. Active only critical notifications.

It may sound fun at first, but why not? Why do you have all notifications enabled all the time and you see them appear on the screen of your phone as soon as someone likes a link or post a picture of a cute dog? If you’re going to stop what you’re doing in this moment to open a social networking application, make sure it’s for a good reason.

If you value your time, it is possible that you want to limit the amount of time you spend on social networking to 30 minutes a day. We promise you won’t lose anything if you turn off the notifications. In addition, you’ll be more focused in your work or in your hobby because you’ll be forced to interrupt with notifications ongoing from your social networks.

7. You have to know when to desenchufarte and find a hobby on which to spend your time in a productive way.

The technology provides us with different ways of interacting with people and helps us to be in contact with friends from other continents. However, it is very important to understand that we allow the devices to consume our free time, so pretty much useless. We play games, chat with people, read articles, and we forget about the hobbies of the real life.

If you like to run, for example, don’t carry your phone with you. Do not let yourself be interrupted by anything. If you don’t have a hobby, it is quite easy to find a new one. Yoga, painting, cooking or even acting classes are a perfect place to start. If you like the coffee, invite your friend and tell them how it is done. Forget about your phone. Connect to real life.

8. Not to be an easy target for online ads.

They are everywhere, even if you have an app that blocks most of the ads. No matter what web site or social network open, you’ll see a link to any announcement. Companies spend millions of dollars to attract their target customers and convince them to buy things.

The target market is more vulnerable, however, are our children. When you let your child use your phone, remember that it is possible that you want to explore a little more of what is allowed. The big brands want to enter it in the boys head and stay there.

As adults, these large companies base their ads on your preferences, “I like it” and share it on the social networks. The more you see an ad, the more strong will be your desire to buy. Just remember to be moderate and that companies sometimes advertise things that you don’t even need.

9. Avoid the tactics of handling most common.

If you know the techniques of handling most common, you can avoid them much easier. Social networking platforms use different media to influence our opinions, decisions and preferences. However, that does not mean you should become paranoid and leave you life in the social networks. Just don’t get caught too much of the digital life. Do not take for granted everything you see on the Internet. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than who you are. It involves in the way you act more thought and less emotion. Learn more about yourself and you’re not as focused on the lives of other people.

10. Promotes the behavior online safe

On the Internet, you can do what you want. Although you can cheat, lie, manipulate and even bulear. One of the dangers that you can afford today is the cyber bullying. Today, 45% of children say they have suffered bullying online. That is why it is very important to promote safe behaviour on the Internet and use it wisely. Everything you post can be used against you, even a small detail that you share about yourself. It is very important to protect the children of the criminals. In this article, 6 of the richest people of our planet shared their parenting tips. His experience includes creating a positive environment and a focus without devices that could help avoid being a victim of bullying.

Do you have a balance between social networks and your real life? Or do you prefer to be addicted to the screen? Share your tricks and tips with you all in the comments.

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