10 awesome Things that have appeared due to circumstances little favourable

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, “there is No bad that good does not come”, these sayings have not arisen by chance. Have you ever thought that many things that we use today appeared precisely because of sad events, economic crises, military actions, or something related to the shortage of products and materials? Among such things can be to find fashionable shoes and bags, hygiene items, and even the Nutella that many people adore.

Great.guru is interested in the history of the popular items and trends “timeless” fashion, and discovered that it appeared precisely because a prosperous life.

The court bob

“Join now”

Historically, women in many countries had to possess a long hair. The short hair was a sign of a poor life, as some women, because of their need, they sold their hair (remember the story of O Henry, The gift of the Magi), diseases (the hair was cut off by typhoid fever) or the obscenity of the occupation of the girl (usually, the cuts mighty men of those days dared the actresses and other ladies who had to earn money to live independently).

One of the first women who proved to the court was Coco Chanel, in the photo on the left side. It is considered that Chanel had to cut the hair due to an accident, at his home exploded water heater with gas while she was preparing for the premiere of theatre the Grand Opera house. Fortunately, Coco did not suffer a lot, of course not considering that the fire will burn the hair. The lady bravely took the scissors, cut the strands damaged and so was the theatre.

But, really, the popularity of cut bob (or carré) was during and after the First World War, when women, especially those working as Sisters of Mercy, cut their hair for practical purposes. Even in the posters with requests of help to the Red Cross, the nurses are frequently depicted with short hair.

Such changes have not been accepted by all, since the men who returned from the war, frequently complained of seeing the new cuts “mindless” of their wives and girlfriends, but now there was no turning back: the cut bob and their varieties entered firmly into our life and are popular even today. Speaking of which, this court prefers the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour (in the photo to the right).

Hats turbans female

The first increase in the popularity of the turban female happened during the era of art deco of the 20’s, when the fashion was for ethnic reasons. Then, the turbans are made of fabric faces and pretty decorated.

During the Second World War, the turbans are made of a hat popular again for women, but for other reasons: this, in comparison with the caps, you could make from any fabric. In addition, the hats hide the hair, since, as it is not difficult to guess, at that time, women did not have time to go to the salon, but were eager to be attractive.

“We can do it”

Women employed in the production, often tied the scarf as a way of turban, and this detail is captured in a poster from the time of the war in which depicts the working of a typical factory.

It is interesting that not only the simple women would wear the turban, but also the actresses hollywoodenses whose lives were not directly affected by the war and did not have to hide the absence of a hairstyle. In our days, this beanie hat is still fashionable.

Boots Dr. Martens

The “martens” appeared as a result of an injury that got its creator, the German doctor Klaus Martens in 1945. The normal boots turned out to be very rigid for their foot injured, so the doctor decided autonomously to produce orthopedic shoes with air cells in the outsole thick.

The material for their first shoes, Martens found in a workshop, but for a mass production in conditions of scarcity, post-war, he had to use rubber used and remnants of the uniforms of army: the leather pants of the officers and even the board is used for the production of the templates.

Comfortable walking shoes and solid it is appreciated quickly. In the first place, did the police officers, postmen and factory workers, and then others, including celebrities. Today, the “martens” are still popular, for example, the love the sisters models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

The bags with handles of hand bamboo Gucci

And again, the war. Producers of clothing, footwear and accessories had to acquire materials not as standards, but cheap, among whom were: skin of fish, raphia (the thread of the leaves of the palm trees), plexiglas (organic glass) and wood. But who could think that the items of class “that were made of what had” might become something popular and continue to be sued until today?

Among such things is the bag of Gucci Bamboo , which appeared in 1947. Use the bamboo curved not only decided due to the shortage of other materials, but also because this part of the article is that deshilachaba faster. The purses became more popular, and until now they still are. Among the fans of this accessory had, and there are many celebrities, in particular, princess Diana.

Ballerina and loafer

In 1940, appeared the fashion of the shoes without laces. Of course, at the time of the war, had no time to produce fashion shoes, since the factories mainly produced clothes for the soldiers. That’s why it had to be adapted: in 1941, the fashion designer Claire McCardell became the shoes of ballerinas in shoes everyday, beating them up with a solid outsole.

Thus appeared a prototype of the dancers, modern that now almost every girl has in her wardrobe. By the way, the dancers you see in this photo belonged to Audrey Hepburn, a great admirer of these shoes.

Among the men had popularity the shoes similar to moccasins or shoes of the peasant under the name “aurlandskoen” of the Norwegian and translates as “the footwear of Aurland”, which baked hand-fishermen to norwegians. In England, such shoes were called “loafer”, which in English translates as “lazy”, since initially, it was supposed to be only for use in the home or during the break, and this name was well.

The loafers norwegians are produced until today, in the photo of the left side you can see the shoes of a peasant in an illustration by the NINETEENTH century, and on the right side, its modern version. With the passage of time, ceased to be just male shoes, and now the girls are also used.

Viagra (sildefanilo)

It is clear that each drug is due to the bad conditions of life. But the viagra in general was made as a result of a failure. Initially, the medication synthesized for the purpose of curing the angina and coronary heart disease, but, during the clinical tests, it was discovered that did not work for this type of disease. But it was discovered that the sildenafilio has an influence expressed in the blood flow to the area of the organs of the pelvis.

Epilator electric women

Hair removal extra body is an ancient practice, but it does not apply to all nations. For example, in Europe began to think of this mainly after that, at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, dresses were made shorter. But not all the girls rasuraban your legs, as this could hide easily with the help of stockings. But here also involved the war and the deficit that came with it, in particular for the production of stockings.

At this time, not all of them were pants, and, instead of stockings, at the time of heat is to paint the legs a color of tanned skin, and even painted the ornaments on the stockings. The imitation of stockings in combination with the hair extra looked very unlikely, so they began to remove them, as a result of them, in the post-war years appeared, the razors are electric (one of the models you can see in the photo) and, after, the epilators.

The instant coffee

For the first time, the instant coffee appeared on sale at the end of the NINETEENTH century, but became popular only in the 1930s. This happened due to the economic crisis, when the world market price for half a kilo of coffee beans from Brazil fell from 22 cents up to 5. In the country there was a surplus of coffee, that it was decided to remove. Burn them or sink in the sea, also cutting the trees of the coffee.

Furthermore, Brazil asked for help to the swiss company Nestlé, because in the country there was no technology of processing and storage of grains after drying and primary treatment. Thus appeared the product known under the brand Nescafé. The Second World War contributed to the subsequent promotion of instant coffee, because that was going to supply the american army.

The towels hygienic disposable

The first feminine hygiene products appeared in the Ancient Egypt, but for many centuries, women had to use pieces of cloth, and sometimes, their skirts lower, the which are later washed and re-used.

Towels disposable with absorbent material first appeared in the late NINETEENTH century, early TWENTIETH century, when the producers of the absorbent material, which had initially been created to bind up the wounded soldiers, it was finally decided to adapt to the needs of women.

Chocolate cream

It is amazing, but this product is so delicious also appeared as a result of a deficit. Its creator was the pastry chef Pietro Ferrero. Due to the shortage post-war chocolate, this began to add hazelnuts to the cream. It should be noted that, in Piedmont, a region of Italy, there was a large amount of these seeds.

Initially, the Nutella was produced in solid bars, but, once, the pastry chef made a mistake and hundreds of delicious bars prepared for the inhabitants melted. Ferrero has not lost the head and embarró the cream that got on top of a loaf of bread. The novelty we liked many of the inhabitants, and so, in 1946, began the story of the cream is more popular in the world.

The slogan of the cream to the chocolate in Italian sounds of it this way: Che mondo sarebbe senza Nutella? (“What would the World be without Nutella?”), and, definitely, this sentence makes sense.

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