10 Things about India that discover myths and truths of a country with a history unique

India is a country that is very familiar to everyone since childhood, thanks to the movies and legends. Therefore, it may seem that we know very well: we know that dance by all parties and their elephants roam the streets.

Great.guru decided to find out what is truth and what is a myth, adding some touches that will captivate you on a country indescribable that remains eternally alive.

10. Tastes

There are peoples and countries that are proud of the fact that they can drink much more than any foreigner. In India, the culture of consumption of alcohol is not so developed, and his “popular sport” is to enjoy the spicy food.

If you’re a tourist, don’t recommend that you compete with the people native, as did this man. India is a country of spices and many dishes here are simply burning. The local people are more than used to. You are, perhaps, not so much.

9. Marriage and divorce

  • The indian weddings, in the that come to life, their ancient traditions, are probably the ceremonies more beautiful in the world. And if in everyday life the indians do not dance with as much momentum as in Bollywood films, during the wedding the ground on which you stand seems to wobble.
  • But, oh! If you are a divorced woman or a widow, the likelihood of re-marry, again, is relatively low. It is believed that the husband’s death (the cause is not taken into account) is always the fault of his wife.
  • However, in the cities, among the people with studies, the situation varies: a divorced woman may still find her husband. In addition, in these areas there are fewer women than men.

8. Languages

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world. But if you think that when you learn it you can communicate without problems for India, will be disappointed to know this: the hindi is a collective name for the thousands of dialects and, in addition, only speak it in the north of the country.

In general, in India, we find approximately 447 languages. Good news: people with studies also speak English!

7. About intimate relationships

  • At the mention of the India, some of them you will come to the mind of the “Kamasutra”. The people here truly understand these things. Take, for example, in the temple in Khajuraho (IX-XII d. C.). It is decorated with a sculpture such that any modern person is ruborizaría.
  • But in the India of today this issue is not an issue that is so open, just talk between people very close. The intimate relations before the wedding, in this country, is considered an immorality, even if they are held with your steady partner.

6. Bhang

  • People hippie from all over the world go to the land of the elephants, not only their spirituality, but for different reasons. For example, to drink bhang. It is a legal drug in India, that the indians do not even consider drug. It is a powder old, made with cannabis.
  • Added to the drinks and biscuits, especially popular is the “Bhang lassi“, a green smoothie that is taken during different festivals. Depending on the amount of bhang in the shake, the effect is ”interesting” may not manifest at all, or it can last you all day. But don’t advise you to take it, at all.

5. Varanasi

  • The city of Benares to the hindu is the same as the Mecca for a muslim. We talked about one of the oldest cities in the world, much as Babylon.
  • For very sensitive people, it is best to not to visit: every hindu religious dreams of being burned after his death on the boardwalk and crying because his ashes spread on the Ganges.
  • The bonfires funeral arden day and night, but do not have time for all that not all the bodies of the deceased can be cremated in full before embarking on his last trip through the waves.
  • The malecon is full of hermits who pray, tourists, desperate, fans, masseurs and, of course, crazy. By the way, the indians with a point of view progressive they are ashamed if they mention this tradition, considered to be barbara.

4. Sacred animals

  • All the world knows: in the first place, the cows. And you also know that India is a land of vegetarians. But, despite this, the country does not have the prohibition of eating beef. The indians that do not practice hinduism, the eating with pleasure and, of course, is served in restaurants.
  • But if people with different points of view on this issue live in the same family, the problems that can occur: according to the laws of hinduism, the beef can not enter the house.
  • By the way, if you go to the street, surely you see at least one cow. But elephants do not abound precisely in the cities.
  • Another sacred animal is the snake. Even held a mythical feast of snakes: Naga Panchami. In she offer to these reptiles milk and rice and bring flowers to their burrows.

3. Contribution to world heritage

The history of intelligence in india belong to quite a few discoveries and inventions of those who today enjoy all over the world, although many do not know. For example:

  • The Arabic numbers, in reality, were invented… do you Guess where? Also in this country invented the “zero”, without which we all would be difficult to live (remember the cumbersome roman numerals).
  • Here also invented the cotton clothing.
  • In India, the Fibonacci series was discovered much earlier than in Europe.
  • They invented chess and it is estimated that also the games of cards and dominoes.
  • Here -and not in the old world – born medicine and surgery. The surgeons of India were extracting quite successfully to the calculations of the bladder and also dealt with vision problems such as cataracts. And all this in the year 800 before Christ!

2. Yoga

  • The soul of yoga remains from the past in these lands, and many are wondering if the indians ordinary people also practice it. In general, yes, some do, but without fanaticism. Many people know 2 or 3 asanas and their knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation.
  • If we look at yoga in a context of sport (that you will forgive us the true yogis) in India is much more popular the cricket.

1. Free places for selfies

  • On the quay of Bombay and in other beautiful places there is the prohibition of taking selfies.
  • The question reflects the fact that India occupies the first position in the world in a listing of deaths due to this practice. The people, pursuing an angle spectacular, fall into rivers and drown, fall from high altitude, or just run over by a train.

To conclude

India is a complex country: it is wise as an old man and live as his turban. You are not exempt from defects: both the tourists and the local residents hate it or love it. In any case, India is a unique cultural treasure of ancient traditions. And here every time there are more people who want the best of all of them to continue in the future.

Have you ever visited India? Would you like to go some day? Do you have a friend who has already been there? Tell us about your experience.

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