10 Mistakes that most people make when purchasing a new car

According to statistics, the majority of drivers change car every six years. Certainly, it is a prolonged period of time, we would like to make that time spent in the company of our “iron horse” is as comfortable as possible and to minimize our concerns for his maintenance. How to get it, you will know in this article.

In Great.guru we believe that the car is one of the inventions more ingenious of mankind. For this reason, we have prepared for you 10 mistakes that you should avoid to make the purchase of a car as simple as possible and thus save you from possible disappointment in the future.

10. You don’t think about the resale

There will surely come that moment when you decide to sell your car. Therefore, before you buy a new one, it is always worthwhile to pay attention to a number of important points. In the first place, the mark is of great importance: there are always a few who enjoy more popularity than others among the drivers. In the second place, the equipment and engine. And ultimately, do not forget the color of the car. A car white, black, or silver will sell much better than, for example, one orange.

9. The maintenance of the car above your financial abilities

Most people, when buying a car, only pay attention to your price, with no value for the future costs of maintenance, insurance and the like. Year after year, these expenses will increase, and not always be proportional to your salary. Therefore, when buying a car, it is worth assessing your capabilities with sincerity , so that their maintenance does not become a real headache for the whole family.

8. You pay more for the additional benefits of the car

Before you buy a car, it is worth thinking carefully about the additional options that you really need because the prices of these in the dealers are often too high and many of these options, really, neither are used.

For example, many drivers prefer to smoke outside of the car. In this case, the lighter and the ashtray, without doubt, abound. Nor is it necessary as an additional protection against corrosion: the car already have an anti-corrosion treatment. But the security features are very important and should be carefully selected.

7. You buy a car that has just come out of the assembly line

Try not to buy a car whose model has just come on the market. The first 3 years after the production of the car, the company collects information about its deficiencies, make improvements and makes the vehicle more secure than its previous versions. The best option would be to opt for a model that is known for more than 3 years on the market and it has already proven its effectiveness.

6. Purchasing a auto the wrong size

When deciding what class of car you need, it is worth considering, not only personal preferences, but also the frequency with which you will travel to destinations related to nature, the number of passengers who will use it, and so on.

For example, if you just need a vehicle to get around the city, it is best to pay attention to a sedan small they consume little fuel. If you have a large family and often go to the field, look at the people carriers (or minivan) large, vans or hatchbacks (vehicle with trunk built-in). The off-road vehicles are more suitable for those who rarely drive on the asphalt.

5. You can’t choose between the prestige of the model and the technical characteristics

If this prevails, by the social status of the person and their income are allowed to, then it is worth to opt for models of first-class. In all other cases, it is advisable to focus on the technical characteristics of the car, their safety, and price.

4. Not testing the car before you buy it

When choosing a car, do not rely only on the words of the sales manager. No matter how competent the specialist, there may also be a personal interest, as, for example, a plan of sales and the commissions for a sale. Before you buy, collect the maximum of information about the model you are interested in, consult an independent specialist and make sure you test drive the car chosen. Listen to yourself and take the correct conclusions.

3. You lose deals and discounts profitable

The best time to buy a new car begins in December and reaches its peak in march. At this time, dealers usually occur the higher volume of discounts and special offers. In addition, buying a car manufactured at the end of the year, you have a nice advantage: these cars, in terms of equipment, correspond to the model of the next year, at the same time at a lower price.

2. Do not attempt to lower the price

You try to call or send emails to different dealers, explaining that you have an offer from another company that is willing to sell you the car at a good price. The competition among the sellers of cars is high and it will not be strange to hear from different drivers that this method helped them to quickly find the best offer and save a lot of money.

1. You rush to make the purchase

Do not hurry when buying a car. Remember that a premature decision may disappoint you quickly. Spend plenty of time on this: gather a maximum of information, consultation with people who tried personally the auto that you like, test the vehicle, and weigh well the pros and the cons.

If you want to familiarize yourself more with certain model without the obsessive attention of those responsible for sales, visit dealerships at the end of the day. All of these little tricks will increase your chances of taking a decision the competent and sensible.

And you, what secrets to choose a car you can share with us? It write your opinions in the comments!

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