10 Games That Give 100 Hours Of Gameplay Final Fantasy Series

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10 Games That Give 100 Hours Of Gameplay Final Fantasy Series

That will put the entire Final Fantasy series under one entry would have been a fool's errand in any additional list, as it has to be just about the most eclectic franchises in gaming historical past. Whilst some are good, some are bad and many are outrageously linear and dreary, there's no doubt that most Final Fantasy games offer a notable amount of content though. Last Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 12 are particular entries that boast a whole lot gameplay it's almost daunting. And don't even get me started about how much content Final Fantasy 11 has accrued through the years.
In our current climate of economic downturn and mass penny pinching, we’re all researching ways to save a bit of bob sometimes. I took the extreme route for this when it comes to food shopping, to the point where I haven’t eating anything apart from tins of baked beans for the past year. I’m sure some would argue i could buy real food if i stopped forking out for game titles, but I think we’d all agree that enjoying yourself is more important than nutrition.

Good health is overrated, but you can’t argue with having a good time. That said, there are times when even gaming budgets have to look at a hit, so we’ve compiled a list of games that will offer you as much deal as possible. Some are old and economical, some are new and more expensive, but all of them must offer you hundreds of time of solid gameplay.

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