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10 games you will only buy on PS4 - No Survey No Passwords Free Download


10 games you will only buy on PS4

As i purchased my Playstation 3, I chose it because back then my favorite games the very best games were Playstation exclusive. Everyone would gather within my house to play the awesome games they couldn't on their Xbox 360s. I was this cool kid.
To maximize revenue many franchises went cross podium and slowly no on cared about my PS3. It's no surprise the Blu-ray technology wasn't enough to keep them around. In fact When i caved and bought a 360. I had a serious identity crisis.

But after seeing Sony's press conference at E3 earlier this coming year, my faith has been renewed. The bill of EXCLUSIVE games coming to the PS4 in the coming year looks very promising. I think I will be the cool kid yet again. Now all I need is that chic white PS4 that may come with the Destiny Bundle this September and I'm cool.

Prima 10 games you will still only buy on PS4 Exclusive Games to obtain Excited About (I know I'm!! )
Ready At Dawn's forthcoming third-person activity adventure game looks better everytime we see it, introducing new weapons and amazing detail from your foggy city of London. You'll need everything you can get hold of, because the monsters you'll face in this particular game aren't your run-of-the-mill devils. No, we're talking speedy little suckers that have no qualms putting you on their menu. Keep that assault rifle in the ready.
Sucker Punch is simply no stranger to introducing spin-offs inside its Infamous series. After releasing Infamous 2 for PlayStation 3 quite a while back, it delivered an interesting wrinkle using the vampiric Infamous: Festival of Body. This year, it's doing the item again for 10 games you will only buy on PS4 with Infamous: First Light. While the game's surroundings are quite exactly like the previously released Second Son, that time, you play as a brand-new character named Fetch, who enters the picture with her own special powers and side report. Like Festival of Blood, you'll not need the original Infamous video game to play it – however practicing certainly doesn't hurt.
Little may be known about the forthcoming 10 games you might only buy on PS4 distinctive from Suda 51 and the team at Grasshopper Interactive. On the other hand, we do know that like his previous work, Shadows of the Damned and Killer 7, it'll be incredibly twisted and loaded with the type of over-the-top violence that makes the No more Heroes saga look like a walk inside the park. Don't be surprised if Allow it Die becomes one of 2015's massive sleeper hits.
Although this is just not thatgamecompany's long-awaited follow-up to Voyage, Abzu does feature several minds that labored on that beautiful project, so you've got a pretty good idea what to anticipate. This gorgeous adventure takes you underwater and focuses heavily with exploration, as you dive deeper in to the blue waters where a number of surprises will no appear. This is certain to be a downloadable gem any time it releases next year.
This kind of one's in development at Via Software (think Dark Souls, Darkish Souls 2), so you already have a good suggestion of what you're getting straight into with Bloodborne. After all, this team already championed gutsy activity adventure gameplay, and will continue to take action with this stunning next-gen success. You can expect plenty of enemies to challenge you, combined with the tools needed to cut them into size. In addition of 10 games you might only buy on PS4, the PlayStation 4's horsepower will help you to explore even bigger lands when compared with Dark Souls 2, with brand-new dangers lurking around every change.

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