10 Habits that can help you lose weight faster

Most of us struggle to lose weight due to the diets and boring exercises that are advertised too often. Even it has been shown that if a person believes that all their weight problems come from not exercising, it is likely that you will have difficulties to follow a particular regime. But it need not be so! You can enjoy the loss of extra pounds by resorting to some habits which are not conventional, like to set challenges, or even smell apples before eating.

In Great.guru we’ve made a collection of 10 unusual habits that could help your weight loss occur faster and in a more pleasant.

1. Creates a regime of consumption of healthy water

It is extremely important to establish a regime of fluid intake for your body to thrive on the weight loss. Drink 2 glasses of water with lemon in the morning to awaken your body, hydrate your empty stomach and increase your metabolism. Then, drink before lunch to not eat in excess and help your digestion. At 4 p. m. drinks again, during the long period between lunch and dinner. It is absolutely necessary that you also drink water during the last meal of the day or after, to help move food with ease and to make your stomach feel lighter.

2. Smells of apples or bananas before you try your food

Whether it would seem ridiculous or not, smell foods like bananas or apples before a meal will alleviate your hunger, which will help you to eat less than what you would have eaten without doing this. So, you know, go and purchase some of these fruits!

3. Light a candle with scent of vanilla after dinner

This may sound ridiculous, taking into account the amount of vanilla present in several cakes, pancakes and desserts, but a study showed that this scent helps to lose weight.

4. Take photos of your meals

When you look at your meals from above, trying to get the best decision, you cannot fail to notice all its details, which is perfect, because you could stop for a second and reconsider what you’re going to eat. Maybe notes too many carbs in the dish, and so you’ll be able to change what you were going to eat for something more healthy.

5. Purchase dinnerware blue

If you surround yourself with the color blue, for example, painting the walls or eating in dishes that tone, you will lose weight much faster. A study showed that that color is a suppressant of appetite, which will help you to feel less hungry.

6. Eat eggs at breakfast, and spicy foods in the lunch

It has been shown time and again that eating eggs in breakfast helps to achieve a faster weight loss. And if you combine that little trick by adding a little bit of chile and red bell pepper to your food during the lunch (although not all the time), you will speed up your metabolism, which will help you to reach a body of dream in a faster way.

7. Think of some challenges that will help you move more

It is possible that you want to challenge yourself for the exercise and the diet a little easier and more fun. Try to do 10 push ups for every potato chip you eat in your dinner, or walk up and down stairs 5 times every time you enjoy a bar of chocolate. If you do it in a playful way, the process will be more fun, and you won’t even notice you’re burning calories.

8. Sleeping in a cold room

Yes, you can lose weight by sleeping, and it is quite easy to do. The magic trick here is that if your body is in a cold environment, produce more heat, which helps to burn calories. So enjoy the low temperatures once in a while.

9. Chew slowly and properly

It has been shown that if it takes you more time to eat and consume food more slowly, it will be easier to lose weight. It is all due to the fact that you chew slowly and properly will make you feel full faster, which will help you to consume less food. Ideally, it should take about 20 minutes to finish a dish. So savor your food and make the most of every bite.

10. Drink a glass of wine every day

Yes, a study showed that a glass of wine a day can help you lose weight faster. But don’t go overboard, because the same research revealed that people who drink more than 2 glasses daily struggle more to lose weight than those who only consume one.

If you have any other suggestion on how to lose weight in a fun way, do share it with us in the comments below!

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