10 healthy Habits that can easily become harmful

The cult of a healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity, so it is logical that there are numerous tips on how to do things correctly and how much of evil they can do, what it can and what not. But, what are all of these data and recommendations are really useful?

Great.guru deepens today on 10 habits and beliefs of the fans to lead a healthy lifestyle that, in reality, are not so good for our body.

10. In the table, the better standing than sitting

Recently, a figure flew through the entire world ensuring that the table was much better to work standing than sitting. But a research conducted by american scientists has shown that sitting is no worse than standing. It is also observed that while a job is upright, there is the risk of causing oedema and overload your back. So as not to damage your health, it is enough to get up from time to time in the table and do a little exercise.

9. The bread fattening

A lot of stereotypes are associated with the bread. Many people believe that it is bad for the figure and has recently been attacked also the gluten. But, in reality, is not so dangerous. We should bear in mind that intolerance to this ingredient it affects only one percent of the total population of the world. The rest, the great majority, the more likely it is that it can withstand a moment of swelling or flatulence caused by bread, and achaquen to an allergy. This food is a source of carbohydrates slow, so that consumption positively affects the condition of the body (provided that the mass enjoyment of a good composition).

8. It is necessary to detox the body

Several complex food, among other things, they are now destined to “purify” the body. But, perhaps, the belief in the need to practice these “purges” can also be attribute to a series of reasonings to be false. The human being already has the kidneys and the liver, whose functions are a direct removal from our body of all that extra or is harmful. In short, our body simply does not need detox.

7. The bathroom of a restaurant or a cafeteria, the worst place

Most people, if not all, with incredible disgust visit the bathrooms of restaurants or cafes. We are guided by the legend that focuses on public toilets: this is the place where you can get any disease. However, this is not true, because the majority of viruses are not as durable as many think: they die as soon as a person gets out of the bathroom. In addition, the scientists point out that the skin is a good defender against different viruses. On the other hand, in such places, they have regular cleaning. The only exception in this situation is the presence of wounds in the body; in this case, the more cautious the better.

6. There is nothing healthier than a fresh juice

This is another myth that moves from generation to generation. The healthy properties of the juice freshly squeezed are very overvalued: when juicing fruits and vegetables, they lose their fibre, the place where they concentrate all the substances more healthy. In addition, it is necessary to remember that it should not be taken with an empty stomach, since such a drink can cause irritation of the mucous membrane. But this does not mean that you have to start to buy packaged beverages in the stores, and with them the thing will be even worse. It is best to eat fruit instead of drinking.

5. The yolk is the most useless of the egg

Little by little, the stereotype of the yolks of the eggs is starting to be disproved, but it is worth explaining it again. For some time it was thought that these were a source of harmful cholesterol to the body. But in reality, a person with a healthy heart, the cholesterol content in the yolks, it may not make any negative effect, because it does not affect the level of fats in the blood.

4. It is necessary to take vitamins regularly

Surprisingly, consume vitamins in tablets there is no benefit, an issue that has been demonstrated by numerous studies. But this does not mean that the body does not need, but which must be received in the right way. The best option is none other than eating vegetables and fruits; there is no swallowing pills because of these vitamins are assimilated much worse. In addition, a healthy person can get them thanks to your regular diet.

3. It is necessary to hold your breath when someone coughs

Some people have the habit of holding your breath when someone next to you starts coughing or sneezing. But few know that, in carrying out this action, the bacteria come out to a speed of up to 350 kilometers per hour, so it has no sense to try to escape from them with such a gesture. Yes, you can ask the person in question to cover your mouth or sneeze, looking in another direction.

2. You should not crack the fingers

Many people are familiar with this statement, because even a slight crack in the fingers causes a strange reaction in the people around us, accompanied by the words classic “will you have problems with your joints when you reach old age”. But all that say it are wrong, because in reality there is no cracking sound: the sound they emit gases that are compressed. The main function of them is to provide elasticity to the joints. It turns out that the more you “crack” your fingers, the more of this substance is in them, and are less likely to suffer from arthritis in the future.

1. You should not heat food in the microwave

This confusion is also very common. It was believed that, when heating food in the microwave oven, this lost its nutritional properties. But this is false. The scientists from Harvard conducted a study which showed that, although you lose some nutrients, this doesn’t happen on the device, but the heating process itself. Therefore, in this situation, you will not find any difference between the heat it traditionally or with the appliance.

Do you know of other myths, seemingly healthy, that they are not? Share your impressions in the comments.

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