10 Facts of the life of famous people who didn’t tell us in school

The majority of the famous people have their quirks, and their own skeletons in the closet, and some of them were formed myths fairly stable. For example, “the woman in the ugliest of history” turned out to be a woman quite beautiful and strong character. And another woman, with a character no less strong, the queen of Great Britain, wanted a friend that was ordered to install a statue in his honor.

Great.guru has found several interesting stories about the life of famous people, starting with people of the royalty of the distant past up to the people who lived at the same time as us.

The duchess Margaret Maultasch was not the “woman world’s ugliest” at all

According to popular belief, countess of Tyrol, who lived in the FOURTEENTH century, and the duchess of Bavaria, Margaret Maultasch, is considered to be “the woman in the ugliest of history”. As “proof” of this assertion, many times, shows the portrait which now you see in front of you, and mentioned the nickname of Margarita that differs in a single letter of the German word Maultasche: “raviol”, or literally “mouth purse”.

Although some researchers believe that the word “Maultasch” was not referring to the ugly appearance of the duchess, but from the name of his castle in South Tyrol. As for the portrait, it was done by the flemish painter Quentin Massys in the SIXTEENTH century, and is a caricature.

If you look at other images of Margarita, including his personal seal, which was used in life, then we will see that, although we may not be able to say that it was an exceptional beauty, was a woman quite attractive, with a nice figure.

Then, where did the myth of the “woman of the ugliest in the history”? The fact is that Daisy dared to an act that was unprecedented in his time: he rejected her hated husband, with whom she was forced to marry at the age of 11, and became the wife of the man she loved.

Margaret Maultasch simply not left her first husband, Johann Heinrich (the image on the left), enter the castle when he returned from hunting. Apparently, the spouse not only had the love of his wife, but also of the inhabitants of Tyrol, because all of them refused to give shelter.

The frustrated Johann found the support of the patriarch of Aquileia and, as a result, Margaret and her new husband, Ludwig of Bavaria (the right image), were excommunicated for a long time and began to appear ridiculous rumors about the duchess.

Marie-Antoinette ordered him to build a town that could take the life of a “commoner”

The luxurious atmosphere of Versailles and the need to observe the etiquette of the court would cause her depression to the queen and, as output, ordered to be built near the petit Trianon, a small village with a mill, a farm, a dovecote, a pond and a cabin much more cozy, the rooms of the palace. All of this reminded him of Mary Antoinette’s childhood, which was spent in the gardens of the palace in vienna, where he played with their relatives, governesses and dogs.

When I was in your town staff, the queen dressed as a shepherdess or a milkmaid, a common, and he walked with his sons and his closest friends, and it seems that that was where she was truly happy. After the Great French Revolution, the people of Marie-Antoinette was abandoned, but has now been restored and is open to visitors.

Abraham Lincoln gave a speech so awesome that none of the journalists could write it down

On the 29th of may, 1856, in Bloomington, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that traditionally is considered to be lost, because all the journalists that were present at the event were literally mesmerized by the words of the future president (Lincoln occupied that office in 1861), and simply forgot to write down even a word. We do not doubt at all the talent oratorio of “Uncle Abe”, but let us agree that this sounds a bit far-fetched.

There is another version, according to which, the text was “lost” on purpose, since the speech of Lincoln was soaked with a passionate condemnation of slavery, whose abolition at that moment, unfortunately, not all supported it. However, the “speech lost” made a great impression on the listeners, and installed a commemorative plaque, which still exists, in honor of that event.

The best friend of queen Victoria was a caretaker of horses named John Brown

The queen of Great Britain, Victoria, is a rare exception among the monarchs (at least in the past) that he married for love, and continued worshiping her husband, prince Albert, her entire life. Is it necessary to explain that his early death was a hard blow for her?

And who knows how to do it in order to survive this tragedy, if it were not for the support of his best friend. It was the caretaker of horses scotsman, John Brown, who, like his relatives, he served faithfully to the queen at Balmoral castle. Walking and talking with John helped Victoria recover from the loss, although have not removed the mourning for Albert until the end of his life.

Of course evil tongues immediately ridiculed the relationship, which, according to his own queen Victoria, were of a warm and loving friendship (so warm and loving friendship). Began to appear cartoons sarcastic as you’re watching, and on the back of the queen saying to her “mrs. Brown”.

As it was, Victory was strongly attached to John Brown and what I appreciated a lot, because after his death, she ordered to install a statue in his honor, and he did. It is said that before his death, the queen willed that the buried with a portrait of her beloved husband Albert in one hand and a portrait of his best friend John in the other.

The history of Victoria and John Brown was made into a film in 1997, and 10 years after he premiered another film called The queen Victoria and Abdul – which tells the relationship of the queen with another “favorite” whose name was Abdul Karim (photo).

As expected, this friendship was also convicted, although it is known with certainty that the queen signed his letters to the handsome man only as “your loving mother”.

The composer Arnold Schönberg, he was so afraid of the number 13 that he called it “12a”. He died on 13 July, 13 minutes before midnight

The founder of the new vienna school, the composer Arnold Schönberg (in the photo, with his wife Gertruda and his daughter Nuria) had a rare phobia: fear of the number 13, or triskaidekaphobia. Schönberg was born on the 13th, and throughout his life considered that it was a number of bad omen.

As we have already mentioned, the composer renamed the 13 to 12a, and the same fate ran his last opera (pictured below), which Schoenberg called “Moses and Aron” (“Moses und Aron” instead of “Moses and Aaron” (“Moses und Aaron”) only for the number of letters in the title do not add 13.

And yet, the last day of the life of Arnold Schönberg fell precisely in the fateful number. On July 13, 1951, lay in bed all day, feeling that his death was at hand. His wife tried to persuade the composer to “stop that nonsense”, and was awake, but he refused, and, at 23:47 died, saying before the word “harmony”.

Winston Churchill loved animals, and one of his pet was a lion

The british prime minister was a great lover of animals (in the photo is caressing the spaniel marshal Montgomery). At different times, in the house of Churchill lived cats Nelson and Jock, the poodle Rufus, the bulldog Dodo, as well as cows, pigs, fish, butterflies, swans and other pets.

But perhaps the most unusual of his animal was a lion named Rota, which gave the prime minister when he was still a puppy, and after a time he wisely moved to the grown king of the animals at the London zoo. Rota grew up and became the father of four lions, and Churchill was visiting him at the zoo and was feeding him with meat personally.

Pablo Escobar took a photo in front of the White House of the united States

The drug trafficker pablo Escobar there was always a fugitive. In 1981, he visited the united States legally and even took a photo with his son Juan Pablo in front of the White House in Washington. This photo was made by the wife of Paul, Mary Victoria, and saw for the first time in the film Sins of my father, based on the book Juan Pablo Escobar, who changed the name officially to Sebastián Marroquín and now lives in Argentina.

Steve Jobs rarely bathed because he believed that his diet suppressed their bodily smells. I was wrong

Each person has their quirks, and famous people are no exception. According to the memories of the colleagues who worked with Steve Jobs at Atari, he believed that the vegetarian diet kept his sweat had the smell and, in consequence, I thought that I no longer had to take a shower every day. But Jobs was wrong. So much so, that in the company it went by quickly at the turn of the night, when there was no one who could complain about its unpleasant odor.

Princess Diana stopped using Chanel after her divorce from prince Charles for a very personal reason

As told the designer Jayson Brunsdon, after the divorce of Charles, Lady Di refused to put on shoes and, probably, other things Chanel, because the logo of this brand it reminded her of Diana her cheating husband and his rival, Camila (in the photo, she is on the side of Target).

The letters of the logo, DC, which are the initials of Coco Chanel, became for Diana in “Charles and Camilla”. It is not known whether he subsequently changed his mind, but Brunsdon says that Lady Di had nothing against the brand itself, simply could not see these deadly letters CC.

The father of actor Woody Harrelson was a contract killer

The parents of the well-known people many times are also famous, but not all of them are for their good deeds. The father of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson, is the famous criminal Charles V. Harrelson, was sentenced to 2 life sentences on charges of murdering federal judge John Wood.

Of big, the child visited followed Charles in prison, and, according to his confession, he was a person well educated and polite. Woody even tried to appeal the decision of the court, but had no success.

Color data: for some reason, Charles Harrelson claimed that he was involved in the Kennedy assassination, but then denied his own words. The conspirólogos continue to believe that Charles Harrelson was one of the suspected vagrants discovered near the site of the murder, but these are no more than speculations.

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