10 Brothers of Hollywood stars you didn’t know about

Very often in the family is not only a child is born beautiful and talented, but several. But the other members of the family makes it very difficult to shine because “the light” that is the big star. However, these relatives can really surprise us.

Great.guru compiled the 10 siblings of celebrities who are not so famous, but they were able to or soon will be thanks to the help of their talent, perseverance, or appearance.

Margot and Cameron Robbie

It turns out that the beautiful Margot has a handsome brother. Cameron Robbie is an actor newbie and fond of selfies. But, according to his Instagram, it refers to your physical appearance with some sense of humor.

Kit and John Harington

On the brother of the “king of the North” little is known. John Harington, who in your family is known as Jack, often appears at social events, in addition to gets along very well with the wedding Kit, Rose Leslie.

Doutzen and Rens Kroes

Rens Kroes to have a shiny appearance, is not followed in the footsteps of his sister, the former Victoria’s Secret angel, and found her own way. The girl loves to cook and has published several books successful on gastronomy.

Rosie and Toby Huntington-Whiteley

The younger brother of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley began her career as a fitness trainer. However, the representatives of the industry models noted their appearance photogenic and now Toby Huntington-Whiteley are taking their first steps in the world of fashion.

Daisy and Kika-Rose Ridley

Kika-Rose Ridley may well be the double of her sister, Daisy, however, she chose another path. The girl signed a contract with a model agency called Models 1, and it seems that your career could be just as successful as that of the star of Star Wars: Episode VIII — The last Jedi.

Lindsay and Cody Lohan

The younger brother of the famous actress is 21 years. Cody Lohan several years ago signed a contract with the modeling agency IMG Models. In August of last year and even appeared on the cover of the japanese publisher of Vogue.

Sylvester and Frank Stallone

Few people know that the younger brother of Sylvester, Frank, also had a career quite successful in cinematography. Rarely, however, you can see him on the screen. And is that Frank is a famous musician, possessor of a Golden Globe for the best soundtrack and also several Grammy awards.

Paul, Caleb and Cody Walker

The brothers of Paul Walker became famous after the tragic death of the actor. At that time, the creators of Fast and furious were invited to participate in the film as alternates of his famous brother. Currently, Caleb and Cody continue to develop their career as actors.

Donnie, Paul and Mark Wahlberg

The first name that comes to mind at the mention of the last name Wahlberg is Mark. However, his brother Donnie is also an actor quite famous, who can be seen in such films as The Sixth Sense, Saw and Saw II.

Rachel and Kayleen McAdams

The sister of Rachel McAdams, Kayleen, is a famous makeup artist in Hollywood that prepares many famous women out on the red carpet. And, of course, Rachel does not trust her makeup to anybody more than his sister.

But what sort of collection of brothers and sisters will be without the quartet of the brothers Baldwin?

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