10 incredible Stories of friendship between people and wild animals

Some people prefer dogs, others to cats, and someone prefers a pet more exotic, like snails or spiders. But there are those who choose as friends to wild animals and dangerous. This friendship breaks the boundaries of understanding of usual things and lift a little the veil of our deep connection with nature.

Great.guru has compiled 10 incredible stories of friendship between people and wild animals that will change the way you see things and you will think of our place in this world.

Kevin Richardson and his friends: lions, hyenas, and leopards

“The charming of lions”, so call all around the world, the zoologist Kevin Richardson. And it is not for nothing: Kevin can sleep quietly among a herd of wild cats, bathing them in the river and playing ball. Between her friends we can find leopards and hyenas.

Behind this incredible friendship there are a huge amount of work and a lot of experience. Although all these animals live in natural conditions in the territory of the park “The Kingdom of The White Lion”, Kevin knows each one of them since they were babies. Richardson builds your relationship with the big cats only in the respect and confidence, and they consider him a member of their family and behave with him so affectionate.

Mark Dumas and the bear white Agee

Mark Dumas, who lives in Abbotsford (Canada) is the only person on the planet that is the friend of a bear and polar white.

Agee: this is the name of the bear who has lived at the side of Mark and his wife for over 18 years. Scientists are still baffled about how it might be possible a friendship as well, because this animal is one of the larger predatory, and ferocious on the Earth, I even could blow you head of with one blow!

Mark is dedicated to the bears for a long time. Between him and Agee there is a connection invisible only, only comprehensible to them, based on love and mutual respect. It gives us the feeling that until seem! For its part, the osa only allows Mark and his wife to approach her, is not so friendly with the rest of the people.

The Giustozzi and sow wild Pascalina

Italian spouses Giustozzi rescued from the forest to a wild hog to the point of starvation. After a couple of years, the wild boar called Pascalina became a beauty of breathtaking size and more than 100 kg of weight.

Despite the fact that the wild pigs are not as harmless as they seem, and can injure and even kill a person easily, Pascalina loves the attention and affection, and is considered another member of the family Giustozzi. When his owner Raffaele relaxes on the couch, she climbs on top of him and pressing down gently with your tender trunk.

Irvan and the crocodile Kojek

One day, a denizen of Bogor (Indonesia), Irvan, I bought a few boys local a small crocodile by the sum of 1.5 USD, which was only 10 cm long. Kojek, a name that he chose his owner, he lived in his home for 20 years. The reptile grew up to 2,75 meters long and weighed around 200 kg

Irvan and his family members played with Kojek and brushed their. The reptile ate about 2 kg of fish oil a day and, due to your gluttony, you are repeatedly merendó cats neighbors that went recklessly into the courtyard of his house.

The end of the friendship between the people and the crocodile came when the local government learned of the unusual pet of the family. The crocodiles are protected by law in Indonesia, and it is forbidden to have at home. Kojek was removed and transferred to a safari park in Bogor.

The members of the family of Irvan not hide the tears when they bid farewell to Kojek, because after 20 years of living together had been attached strongly to him. Irvan visit followed his friend in their new outdoor home.

Shaun Ellis and the wolves

About the incredible friendship between the british naturalist Shaun Ellis and the wolves have made documentaries on Animal Planet (“Living with the Wolfman”) and National Geographic (“A Man among Wolves”). However, at the dawn of his training as a zoologist professional, the leading experts in the area have joked about him and they considered him a fanatic, eccentric.

In addition to working with wolves in a specialized center, Shaun lived almost 2 years with a pack of wolves the wild, and he wrote a book about his incredible experience called “Accepted among the wolves”. In it he described everything that happened to him during his life with the predators, which had to resign, which he touched to tolerate and what tests you had to pass to enter the family of these wild animals.

Joubert and the hippo Jessica

In 2000, during a flood in Limpopo, a baby hippo was washed up on the shore of a river, just to the side of the house of marriage Joubert. The animal was not more than 5 hours old and, without help, would have just died.

The ranger Tony Joubert and his wife Shirley, who had no children, fed Jessica, and now she is 18 years old and weighs approximately 1.5 tons. Although they are herbivores, hippos are animals very dangerous, able to kill a person easily. But in all these years, Jessica has never shown any kind of aggression towards people. Even away from the crocodiles, protecting his rescuers when Joubert go in the water.

Jessica loves the tea south african Rooibos, and every day it consumes 20 liters of the same, which prepares you Shirley. He also loves sweet potatoes. The hippopotamus lives in freedom, along with other brothers of his species, but he goes regularly to Joubert to spend time with them and watching tv. They even made him a passage, especially from the water to the house.

Jessica is the hippo most famous in the world. Have been shot 105 documentaries on her, and she remains one of the main attractions of south Africa because the tourists love it.

Damian Aspinall, and the gorilla Kwibi

When Kwibi and his brothers were very young, the illegal poachers they caught their parents. His fate was predetermined: the small be sold to zoos home, where they would spend many years in dark cages, or they would die. But the criminals were captured by the police, and the babies were sent to England, to the zoo, Howletts.

The owner of the complex, Damian Aspinall, is endeared herself to Kwibi that, for him, it was a gorilla special. Damian played a lot with him and was taking care of him. When the monkey grew up, he took him to Africa, to Gabon, and, together with other gorillas, was released.

Kwibi lived in liberty for 5 years and became an adult, a strong alpha male. After that time, Damian went to Africa to visit him, but no one knew if the gorilla recognize it. Their reunion was very touching: Kwibi remembers his childhood friend and was running to greet him.

The spouses Bridges and the bison Wild Thing

Many years ago, the husband and wife Ronnie and Sherron Bridges of Texas, had a herd of buffalo half a hundred specimens. But when he was left blind in one eye and could no longer take care of them, the animals had to be sold. The Bridges were left with a single pup, giving it the nickname of “wild Thing” (Wild Thing).

Wild Thing became a real pet and family member. Always eat breakfast at the table with their owners and like to watch action films (due to the images in movement) in your own room. He was even the best man in the wedding of the couple.

The personality of the bison is completely related to his name: wild and unbridled. But he thinks that Ronnie is the leader, yields to him and allows you to hold their horns.

Casey Anderson and the grizzly bear Brutus

The best friend to Casey Anderson turned out to be… a grizzly bear! Casey took Brutus under his protection when he was still very small. The reservation where he was born the puppy of bear was already full, and there was no place for another copy. They wanted to send Brutus to a zoo, but Casey did not allow that to happen.

For many years, Casey and Brutus have maintained a warm relationship and trust. It’s amazing how tender and affectionate you can be this dangerous predator of almost 400 kg and 2.4 metres of height.

These friends became the stars of the show of Oprah Winfrey and her own television program, with the support of National Geographic. In him, Casey tries to dispel stereotypes of people who think that brown bears are only cannibals, murderers and bloodthirsty predators.

The family Schoeman and his cheetahs, Vakuu and Skyla

Two cheetah cubs appeared in the family of Kim and Hein Schoeman, of south Africa, without any planning. His mother gave birth to 4 cubs in the reserve, but as typically the cheetahs can ensure the survival of only the half of the litter, the Schoemans decided to take the two kittens home.

Being owners of two wild cats was not part of the plans of the family at all, especially because they had two small children, a boy of 2 years, Malan, and their children, Kayla, 3 months. At the beginning, the Schoemans tried to keep the cheetahs separated from the boys, but life made its own adjustments.

Every 2 hours, day and night, Kim had to feed the cheetahs, Vakuu and Skyla, and their own children. In the end, everything is mixed. Kim warmed the milk for the baby Kayla, and for the kittens, and put them together in his bed because the cheetahs also need the warmth and maternal care.

The dangerous cats became members of the family and became very close to the children of Schoeman. Cheetahs a year were finally transferred to an enclosure in the backyard of the home, but the children play with them regularly. The parents were taught how to behave to play with the predators to be as safe as possible. Even so, Schoeman explained to the children that soon they will have to send to Vakuu and Skyla to a reservation, where they will be better than in your house.

Our editors were very touched and delighted with all the stories, but particularly with the friendship of the cheetahs and the kids, Shaun Ellis and his life in the wolf pack, and the “Charming Lion”. And what about you, what of the amazing stories I was impressed with the most?

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