10 Stories “heard out there” about the closest people in the world

10 Historias “oídas por ahí” sobre las personas más cercanas del mundo

Each one of us needs to have friends and loved ones, because they are the people who love us and who we love. And, probably, this is the meaning of life. In addition, they know like no other how to make us pass a good time.

Great.guru has compiled for you 10 stories “heard out there” that will make you smile and you will draw a tear of emotion.

  • I recently saw the following scene: a mother walks with her child of 5 years. The child decides to run toward the door of his house. Runs, slips on the gravel next to a fence of iron, strikes the head against the fence. Rises, picks up his hat and shouts: “Mom, the fence is good, it’s not folded!” You’re becoming a man!
  • I am a student. Recently I got a job. I’m like a zombie, I never sleep enough. Yesterday I looked at it and gave me a free day, so I decided, for once in your life, to sleep all that I want. I’m going to bed, and then I wake up and I look at the clock: I slept for only 30 minutes, but I felt very rested. I was surprised until I saw my phone: 10 missed calls from my father, 21, my mother and many messages from friends. All because I hadn’t slept 30 minutes, but 24 hours and 30 minutes. They were concerned!
  • Since childhood, my parents told me that dreams always come true. I always believed and I still believe. But I never had a dream. I thought that could only be a dream, the most important. I was 5 years old when my brother was in an accident and was in a serious condition. It was then when I decided that it was time to have my dream. And I shouted with all my strength: “I Want my brother alive!”. Five days after he woke up. Oh I cried from happiness!
  • My mom wrote to me: “I miss You”, 420 km and 6 hours later I arrived, I ate the mashed richest in the world and looked at the happy smile of the person I love the most.
  • Recently my mother began to gain weight a lot. Now go to the gym, only eats salads and is note that are suffering. Today, my dad came home with a package of their cakes favorites, and told her that he loves her as it is. And that will love you your whole life, what is most important is that she be happy. Now, the two we’re eating cakes and rejoicing of happiness. Where can I find a man as wise as my father?
  • I love my little boy of 6 years. It is a copy of me. His laughter spread to all with positive energy, and their curiosity can go crazy to any adult. I really wanted an heir, and I am very happy that my wife’s given me a son. And he also loves me. Just learn to write and I already left a message for you: “Daddy, I love you.” What you wrote about my car. With a pebble.
  • 15 years ago, my grandfather promised him stupidly to my grandmother, who, while he loved, no you would shave the beard. And it is very stubborn, so it really has not shaved a beard in 15 years. He grew up to the navel, it is cornrow. The grandmother calls him “my stubborn bearded favorite”. I am moved by.
  • My grandmother, in place of k, works as a model in Prague. Once I decided to cheer her up, I bought beautiful colorful clothes. The maquillé, the peiné, I took some photos and I put them in my page of Facebook. A friend designer saw those photos and offered my grandmother to do a photo shoot wearing clothes designed by him. After that session, the invited many others, and, finally, and took it abroad to work as a model more than 60 years.
  • My wife came home PELONA… I Was in shock, she had a long blonde hair. I wanted to yell at him, but when he said that he had given it to her hair to make wigs for children suffering from cancer, I was shocked by his action. I’M PROUD OF MY WIFE.
  • My wife and I have a mutual “right to freedom”: once per year, for 2 days, we take off the rings, turn off the phones and do what we want. Exactly 48 hours of complete freedom. Never discussed what happened and simply cut this time in our lives. Well… In 10 years of marriage never I cheated on her, even I came to think about it. Just grab a tent, a fishing pole, a book of Borges, and I’m going to enjoy the solitude. And my wife… For the summary of the credit card I know that going to a beauty salon and goes shopping with her friends. Yes, only the forbidden fruit is sweet.

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