10 Ways to keep the heat at home without abusing the heating

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the arrival of winter. But yes you can avoid congelarte during the colder months. And you do not have to cost a fortune.

In Great.guru, we’ve compiled some tips that will help you to keep the fingers of your feet without freezing. Read it until the end to receive an additional tip on how to keep it hot some parts of your body at any time.

1. Insulation with aluminum foil

If you have a radiator stuck to the wall, place a sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator. It will reflect the heat of the wall and it will direct you to the room, which means that the room will heat up faster and stay hot for much longer.

2. Stopper for the fireplace

Having a fireplace is an excellent way to warm up your space, but can be very complicated. The heat rises and can escape your home through the chimney. To prevent this from happening and reduce the cost of your bill, you can get an inflatable plug for the chimney which will prevent the air from escaping.

3. Change your sheets

Oh, there’s nothing like the wonderful feeling of being in a warm bed! But in the colder months, your bed may not be as warm as we all wish, due to the sheets. Get a set of flannel sheets, is more thick and warm. It is just what you need for the winter.

4. Let the light of the sun

When you open the curtains in the morning, when the sun rises, you will leave that between the warm light of the sun. This will help to heat the room. Close the curtains when the sun sets, so that the heat does not escape through the windows.

5. Please a little more comfortable

Carpets and rugs not only look good, in the colder months can help warm up your environment. A carpet can act as an insulator and will help to keep the fingers of your feet in movement.

6. Get some candles

Like carpets, the candles not only have an aesthetic purpose. A lit candle is another source that can distribute the heat in the house and give a welcoming atmosphere. Just what you need when it is too cold.

7. Make sure that your windows and your doors are to test air currents

The cold air can enter through windows and doors if they are not well sealed. And there are many stamping options which you can choose. You can use for example a special tape for the windows, or you can spray water on the window and cover it with plastic bubbles. It will act as a protective layer and will not allow the air to get cold.

8. Eat hot foods and drinks hot

It is a trick very well known, if you’re cold, one of the best options is to take a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Any type of hot drink will serve, as well as hot soups or whatever the hot beverage of your choice.

9. Cook in the oven

The colder months require food hot and plentiful. It is a very good idea to start baking. Not only you will feel warmer, as we mentioned in the previous point, but also can warm up your environment. Leave the oven open after you’ve finished cooking, and kills 2 birds with a single shot.

10. Invite your friends to home

Have a small meeting can help you improve your mood if you’re feeling a little under the note. You can also help to warm up the space with everyone in a room. The more, the better. And more hot, of course.

Bonus: an additional cover, not only works with the story

We hope that you stay warm wherever you are. It tell us in the comments section what you like to do on a cold day!

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