10 simple Rules of etiquette to pretend to be a princess, according to an expert

The wives of the heirs to the british throne, Kate and Meghan, conquered the entire world with its charm. No surprise that they have appeared many courses actual label, where you can learn how to sit, behave in public, greeting and welcoming guests, and use the silverware as do the duchesses. Myka Meier, a specialist british label that worked with members of the royal family recounted the standards that must be followed to look like a real lady.

Great.guru he studied the tips of Myka Meier and is willing to share with their readers those who are worth following today.

1. To sit well is an art

A real princess (as well as a duchess) can be perceived by the way in which feels. Sit by placing one leg above the other is prohibited according to the protocol provided for women belonging to the royal family.

However, this posture is sometimes used in informal events and never in the presence of queen Elizabeth II. The important thing is that the leg that is placed on top does not hang freely in the air, but is pressed with force against the other.

Myka Meier is convinced that not only the duchesses and princesses must learn how to sit correctly, but also all the educated women. There are two basic postures: the posture of “Duchess” and the “Crusade of Cambridge”.

In the first case, it is necessary to sit straight, without leaning on the backrest of the chair, with the chin parallel to the ground, the leg must be inclined in one direction while keeping the knees and ankles together. To sit with the “Cross of Cambridge,” you should cross the legs, placing one behind the other and bending slightly at the knees. An extra bonus: both of these postures lengthen visually the legs.

2. Hold the bag with both hands

In the public events, the duchess is holding the purse with both hands. If you need to free up a hand for a greeting, then holds it with the other. If you need to sit down do not put it on the table or on the ground, but place it between your back and the backrest of the chair, while, for exceptional cases, it allows you to put it on his knees. The members of the royal family never carry a handbag under your arm.

3. Get ready to receive the guests in advance

If you have planned a party, do not wait for your guests. Install and decorate the banquet table a day before the event and try to prepare ahead of time everything you can.

4. Alerts you to what time will end your party

If you want to organize a party like the duchess of Cambridge, it is important to send the invitations, at least, by e-mail. Myka Meier told that Kate Middleton uses a web page through which to send elegant invitations and postcards online to your guests. Another important point: the invitations always indicate the end time of the event, so that guests do not abuse the hospitality of the host and understand that it is not intended to unending celebration.

5. Greet your guests with a kiss and a handshake

The members of the royal family greet their friends and acquaintances nearby with a kiss on the cheek, touching first the right cheek and then the left. In official receptions and strangers greet you with a handshake, well marked. At the same time, visiting other countries, the duchesses follow the local traditions (for example, greet the maori of New Zealand with a rubbing nose to nose).

6. Presented quickly to as many people as possible between themselves

Your task as a host is to converse with every one of your guests and make sure that they are comfortable. Help your guests find common ground. All submissions must be made before the food arrives.

7. Eat three pieces and then to

The duchesses always leave the silverware after you have tested the saucer, three, maximum four times, in each batch. In addition, all members of the royal family are forbidden to begin to eat before Isabel II. In this sense, it seems necessary to control the speed with which to eat the queen, because as soon as she finished eating, all the others should leave their covered. This rule works both in the banquet facilities for official as well as during private celebrations of tea.

8. Bra the cups of coffee and tea properly

The label implies support of a different way the cups of tea and coffee. The tea is held by tightening the thumb and index finger with each other, while the middle finger is placed below the handle (as you can see in the image). But if we speak of a cup of coffee, then the index finger must pass through the asa.

9. Keep your bathroom perfectly tidy

Do not speak aloud if you need to go to the bathroom. Simply, apologize when you get up from the table and placed a napkin near your plate.

Keep the bathroom in perfect order: there should always be soap, hand cream, and clean towels available for your guests. But accommodate in this room reading materials and scented candles it is unsightly. And don’t forget that the toilet paper roll should be placed on the support in such a way that the end of the paper is at the top of the roll, and not at the bottom.

10. Be kind to others

Behave as a duchess means to be kind, loving, respectful and kind with all people. “Think of others first, and planting good things around you as if they were confetti,” advises Myka Meier.

Bonus: how to learn to make an elegant bow in front of a queen and, at the same time, take a position real

In the image, the expert and trainer in the rules of etiquette, Myka Meier

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