10 Roles of film that almost lead to the madness of their actors

If you love your work up to the insanity, it is said that you are very lucky. But what can you do if the job you are going crazy day to day? The actors better than anyone know the meaning of the first and second sentence.

In Great.guru decided to find true fans, to show them this article, which became an obsession and led us to folly.

Johnny Depp, “Panic and madness in Las Vegas”

  • Rating IMDb: 7.7 In.

The dreamer insane, and a writer without rules Hunter Thompson was able to rely on the mentality and personality of a single person: Johnny Depp. The actor in turn was immersed in an atmosphere of old and harmful of gonzo journalism. Depp lived for a few days with Thompson, he would get up at 8 or 9 in the evening, he was going to bed around 5 in the afternoon of the next day and always using old clothes from the writer. As a result, after filming Johnny admitted that the image of Hunter became for him a virus that agree with happiness.

Vera Farmiga, “The spell”

  • Rating IMDb: 7,5.

The horror stories always bring great horrors and the film “The spell“ was no exception. Vera Farmiga twice received a ”message” of supernatural forces. The first of them were 3 scratches in your laptop. He noticed them when he spoke by phone about his role with the director of the film. The second were scratches on his skin; she saw them after the recordings, when he was returning home. If these were real warnings of spirits, or the consequences of a role is somewhat unknown.

Bob Hoskins, “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”

  • Rating IMDb: 7.7 In.

The role of the private detective Eddy Valiant became the most difficult of the legendary actor. Hoskins had to interpret the comic heroes during 8 months of recordings, because the images of Disney were drawn on the tape recording. Later, Bob confessed that the cartoons were after him and in the end had to go to a psychologist.

Val Kilmer, “The Doors”

  • Rating IMDb: 7,2.

During a year that Val Kilmer wore old clothes of Jim Morrison and frequently saw videos of their concerts trying to imitate the gesture and movement of the icon of rock. Spent all day listening to the music of “The Doors“, learned 50 songs of the group and made an ”exact copy” of the famous musician. After the recordings, the actor said that he needed help to bring out the character of your mind.

Heath Ledger, “Batman, the dark knight”

  • Rating IMDb: 9.

Perfectionist to the bone, Heath Ledger became a true victim of his paper. The preparation for the recordings of “Batman, the dark knight,” the actor became obsessed with the creation of the journal of the Joker, reflecting in it the multifaceted nature of the character. The brain of Ledger immersed himself so the reign of a character invented and is obsessed so much that he could not disconnect from the reality. To rest, Heath began to take tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and after painkillers. The actor received a prize Oscar to the best actor and also a posthumous title.

Adrien Brody, “The pianist”

  • Rating IMDb: 8.5 In.

The painful experience was a real revelation and a rebirth for the actor. Edrien had to reject the use of the car, your department and contact with loved ones, but this was not enough to feel the paper. Then Brody decided to stop eating and this led him to despair, which was printed in its appearance. The actor took her almost 6 months to be able to return to your normal life.

Shelley Duvall, “The shining”

  • Rating IMDb: 8,4.

The great Stanley Kubrick always expresses the true emotions of his actors, using dangerous methods. Shelley Duvall was felt in her all the heaviness of perfectionism: I cried for almost 12 hours, listened to in his home multiple reproaches and endured the indifference of the group of recordings, all for the emotional exhaustion. As a result, Shalley had to “recover” after the recordings with a glass of some strong drink.

Linda Blair “The exorcist”

  • Rating IMDb: 8.

Linda Blair was only 13 years old when she appeared before the audience as Regan MacNeil. The horror on the religious themes, it was a shock to an audience not ready and the beautiful young woman was the victim, the more delicious of the journalists. So it was that in each interview we asked questions about God and the devil, heaven and hell, to which the teenager had no answers. Even now Blair recalls this era with disgust.

Janet Leigh, “Psycho”

  • Rating IMDb: 8.5 In.

Janet Leigh became a victim of the film after the legendary tape “Psychosis”: the girl never went back to showering. Only allowed it once they were closed the door and the windows. However, she did not enjoy this moment as he could not divert his gaze from the door.

Anne Hathaway, “les miserables”

  • Rating IMDb: 7,6.

The tragic role in the film “The miserable” was the challenge more serious during the whole of his glorious career. The actress had to say goodbye to his long hair and weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds in 20 days. The victims affected his mental health. Hathaway confensó needed a few weeks to learn to distinguish reality from illusion.

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