10 Movies magnificent that every woman should see single

Great.guru brings you 10 films that convey life lessons incredibly valuable and will entertain you, inspire you and guide you in making the real decisions of your life. I take the time and enjoy these movies!

What they want

After an accident, Nick Marshall, a playboy narcissist Chicago, you have the ability to hear what women are really thinking. You realize that you can use this to your benefit both in love and in business! Delving into the psychology of women, begins to better understand the girls and even sympathize with them.

If you homes, you are killed/ A mother-in-law care

After many years of looking for “Mr. Perfect”, the intelligent and charming Charlie finally meets Kevin, a young loving successful and who also falls in love with her at first sight. Your relationship is perfect, even he proposes marriage, but she soon discovers that Kevin’s mother, Viola, is determined to do everything in their power to break their commitment.

Ghost, the shadow of love

Upon returning home after a night out, Sam and Molly are attacked by a mugger in a dark alley. Sam is murdered but his spirit remains on Earth to warn his beloved of the impending danger. After following his murderer, she discovers that his death was not an accident, so he tries to communicate with Molly through Oda Mae, a seer who does not realize that his powers are real.

Cruel intentions / Sex Games

Kathryn and Sebastian are two half-siblings, teens rich of Manhattan that they get what they want, when they want. Causing intrigue in the life of the ordinary people, this modern-day Don Juan, and the beautiful girl conspire to a new, fun, and cruel game against daughter naive to the director of the school.


Cécile Bussy is a real nerd. While her companions attract men and attract attention, she studies anthropology and writes the thesis. An encounter with a pretty girl but stupid, Alex, he pushes her to the idea of choosing “bimbos” (in English, someone attractive but lacking in intelligence) as the subject of his thesis. It becomes a to do that, but it could not be assumed that the changes in appearance would lead to changes in his personality.

The other queen

Two beautiful sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn, are driven by blind ambition of his father to compete for the love of King Henry VIII. During your visit to the property of Boleyn, Henry is wounded in a hunting accident and is cared for by Mary. Soon the King falls in love with Mary. Anne can’t get over it. Later on, both sisters share a bed with him, but only one of them is destined to ascend to the throne for a brief reign.

Dear John

Savannah and John are madly enmorados each other. John soon joins the army and have only one way to express your feelings: letters, the most important source of joy and hope during the war. Despite the promises to return and marry Savannah, John stays in the army longer period of time than intended. Time and distance begin to put to test their true love. Savannah does not send as many cards as I used to. Watch the film to discover what happens to the young lovers.

Do you know Joe Black?

The film is about mogul media William Parrish, whose life is disrupted suddenly by the arrival of “death” personified in an enigmatic young man named Joe Black. To experience the life that is normally removed from the people, “death,” asks Parrish to act as guide and teach you to live on the Land. But soon “death” is haunted with human emotions and falls in love with the beautiful daughter of Parrish, Susan.

The Girl

The film shows the supposed obsession Hitchcock with Tippi Hedren, a model american and an american actress. Hitchcock is absolutely captivated by her looks and talent, Hedren feels increasingly uncomfortable with her attentions and decides that he needs to escape the situation. However, it may not work in another side due to her exclusive contract with Hitchcock, which in reality puts an end to his career in Hollywood.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Andie Anderson is a young journalist who works for a women’s magazine called “Composure” and has been assigned to write an article about “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. The article needs to be about what women do to alienate the men they love and drive them out of their lives, in only 10 days. Is a movie really fun, entertaining and charming.

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