10 Dangerous inventions of beauty that, thanks to God, they were in the past

“Beauty requires sacrifices”. This is a phrase that perfectly illustrates this list of inventions actually dangerous.

From the 1920s until the 1950s, were born many beauty trends that promised eternal results. If it was about hairstyles and clothing, or even inventions of the beauty industry, nearly all were converted into overall feelings that left their mark in history. But not everyone knows that there were also some inventions that, fortunately for us, were forgotten because they were detrimental to the health!

Great.guru found some of the inventions of beauty most wild-eyed of the story and want to share with you. So let’s take a look at them and remember to be conscious with your health.

10. The micrometer of the beauty

This special device was created to help the makeup artists to see all the asymmetries, defects and irregularities of the face of a model. After using this fine beauty, the makeup artists could be sure what it was that they had to correct, and what cosmetics they had to use.

This device required a large amount of screws and metal strips to secure it in the head of the woman and had almost 325 ways to adjust the helmet to get the best results. Of course, most of the times it was not a procedure comfortable because the expert could press the head of the model with these strips with too much force. After using this micrometer, many times, the model would have to be quite a few headaches.

9. The curler of hair

This device promised to standing waves women who wanted a wavy hairdo. The first step was to apply a chemical solution to your hair and after that, the hairdresser would roll up the hair of the woman in hair curlers hot that they were also extremely close to the head at all angles. Of course this process was very damaging to the hair, but at that time, women were obsessed with the new trends and the health was often the last thing that is thought.

8. Mask to remove the hangover

This mask is made with many plastic buckets filled with ice water is made especially to cool the faces of the models during the fashion shows and not to spoil her makeup. But a little later, people began to use this mask as a way to freshen their faces after the holidays. The ice cubes were excellent to eliminate puffiness after a night of excessive alcohol consumption, and that’s why they called it Hangover Heaven” (Paradise for the hangover), but of course, it was not good for your face if you use for a long time, as it could congelarte the face.

7. Remover of freckles

Today, the freckles have become a fashion trend and girls who did not obtain it naturally, and suddenly begin to draw them or use permanent makeup to have them. But not long ago, freckles were considered to be defects in the skin, and all the lovers of fashion were interested in to keep your skin clear and free of all this. Many women had a strong desire to remove the freckles, the reason for which that invented this procedure end.

The make-up artist would apply a liquid chemical, particularly in the face of the woman and such a device would close the eyes, nostrils, and mouth so as not to produce chemical burns. The freckles would disappear in a week. As you can imagine, this was a procedure quite dangerous.

6. The cap of the glamour

This helmet contained a low atmospheric pressure within it that is supposed to help with blood circulation. Everyone thought that after such a procedure, a woman would be more fresh and your skin will look more firm and young. But not everyone could try it because it had a side effect after the use of this device, because the feeling was similar to that of flying very high in an airplane or climbing a very high mountain. Some of these people, if they were very weak, they desmayarían or simply not feel well.

5. A mask of warm

This mask was made to help the circulation of the blood by means of heat, making the face of a woman look more soft and healthy. The general idea of this mask wasn’t bad, but the construction of the mask simply was not safe as many girls could be set to the maximum of heat, which would be harmful to your skin and health in general.

4. Machine to form dimples on the face

The dimples used to be very desirable! Then, for the women who did not, by birth, Isabella Gilbert invented a device really bizarre. It was just a spring with two knobs, which would press the cheeks of a woman in the right places. The inventor promised that, after using it for many days, the women would have dimples look very natural. But it was very uncomfortable while he chewed and it was not good for the bite of the woman. In fact, it is likely that it will cause an overbite after prolonged use.

3. The checker nose

Here is another unit of pressure, but this time it was to the nose. A commercial of this invention promised the women that could change their noses without having to operate them, simply presionándolas. This device would give a new shape to the nose of a person, making the nose larger appear more thin and straight. The effect was, of course, temporary, and this device prevented a breathing healthy and normal.

2. Cream toxic

The radio is the first word that you would see in the commercial of this product. Yes, it’s true! Really used radio in a cream to the faces of the women. Today, all the world knows that the radio is very dangerous, so for us, the idea of putting it into your face is quite odd and dangerous. But the inventors promised that this cream rejuvenecería the face and that the radio would clean “a magical way”.

1. The massager scalp

This electric vibrator with four disks, which promised a relaxing massage on the scalp. It was invented to stimulate blood circulation, make the hair grow faster and it was believed that it prevented the hair loss. The idea of such stimulation was good, but it was a bit rude to suggest publicly to the women and was more healthy for women to do it at home by themselves.

What of these inventions of beauties was the most crazy in your opinion? Do any of them you think smart? Please share your opinion in the comments!

Illustrator Yekaterina Ragozina for Great.guru

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