10 Professions that you would never want to change

Would you like to receive a lot of money and not overextend yourself? In the world there are several people that might find the job of your dreams, and now every day is dedicated to your business favorite, even though it is very strange.

In Great.guru collect the professions most unusual that now exist in the world, and we were surprised to see how well you pay what it used to do for free.

10. Wife rental

In Japan, since the beginning of the 90s, the service to “rent” people has become popular. In an agency specialized you can hire an actor or an entire family, being passed by your friends, relatives, or coworkers to events that are particularly meaningful to you, or to avoid that you feel alone. For example, a japanese old man who lost his wife and he quarreled with her daughter hired for a few hours, a woman and a small for 370 USD, to chat with them at a coffee and back to feeling loved.

9. Pusher people

Do you ever think that you can pay money only by pushing people from a tower? Such a “dream job” unusual exists in the company AJ Hackett, who owns several of the attractions most extreme in the world. Officially, the position is called “operator of bungee jumping” and involves a great responsibility and a salary quite high: around 46 billion USD per year. You will need to carry out the instructions in the highest place in the world to perform jumps and control the compliance of the security standards, as well as to push people hesitant from a height of 233 m.

8. Provider of bad news

No one likes to have bad news related to your family and loved ones, therefore, in the world there are special people who do a very professional and delicate. Officially, his position is called “coordinator of large losses” and receive around 57 billion USD per year. Your job is not easy, since they have to be constantly in very stressful conditions to help those who are in the situation of life most difficult of all.

7. Mannequin living

What would you like to be standing in beautiful clothes and earn $ 100 per hour? Both are paid to the mannequins living, that you are standing in the stained glass windows of the shops and attract the attention of passers-by. Requirement exclusive: to be able to remain still for several hours at a time.

6. Model of a part of the body

It is not necessary to have a perfect body, a luxurious hair and a smile as white as the snow to become a model. You can have, for example, hands very photogenic, which will look perfectly some expensive jewelry. Literally, with just your extremities you can earn from 20 USD to one thousand USD for a photo session, and you don’t need diets debilitating, workouts, expensive visits to the make-up artists, and cosmetologists.

5. Taster ice cream

Do you like trying new flavors of desserts? Would you like to pay approximately 56 billion USD a year just to eat a dish cold? If so, then the work of taster ice cream is perfect for you. You can find other similar jobs in other large food companies. What such a taster of chocolates? The main thing is that you have a professional education suitable and a lot of love for food (from a scientific point of view, of course).

4. Author of predictions of crackers of luck

Do you like to write brief, fun, and inspiring people? Do you want to gain 53 billion USD a year for such work? Then you should definitely become the author of the predictions of the biscuit of luck. More than 3 billion of such snacks with phrases secret occur during a year only in the united States, so that the imagination for such work must be infinite.

3. Tester slides

Visiting a water park is not usually cheap, but there is a job in which you will pay 34 billion USD per year to test the quality of the water slides. You’ll have to evaluate how safe, interesting, and extreme is the attraction before it is open for park visitors. An ideal job for those who do not imagine the life without adrenaline.

2. Expert in excuses

In Japan, it is apparently very difficult to say “sorry”, so that several specialized agencies offer to do it for you. You can even request a service to get a break delicate with your partner. And it is not surprising that more than 40% of the customers of these services are women between 20 and 40 years. To get that job, you must be able to communicate well with the people and take special courses where they teach you how to apologize correctly. The cost of a “forgiveness” individual is of approximately us $ 240, apologize by email or by phone are listed in 96 USD. Some specialists can offer a payment system of $ 33 per hour.

1. Slacker, professional

If you like to stay long periods in bed, NASA has a mission for you. The Space Agency was conducting an investigation and recruited volunteers who were able to lie in bed for 70 days and win for that simple task 18 thousand USD. As a result, not only you got the money, but also contribuías to the study of the life of the astronauts. These investigations will be used to develop methods that allow travelers to adapt physically to the everyday life after space exploration.

What is your job unusual dreamed of, that will allow you to do what you love and earn decent money at the same time?

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