10 Evidence that show us that the queen of England also has strange habits

Sometimes, the actions or habits of someone cause smiles and bewilderment, but it is precisely our “bad habits” that make us exceptional, funny and different to the others. Nothing human is alien to queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, she also has several habits at first sight a little strange.

Great.guru gathered interesting facts about the queen. Some of them have a logical explanation and the rest just adds a charm to your image.

1. Not leaving on a trip without a supply of blood

Among the members who always accompany the queen Elizabeth there is a personal physician, who is obliged to know where the nearest hospital in the city in which you are located and your case should always have means of urgent assistance, for example, a defibrillator.

These media always adds a supply of blood from queen Elizabeth II for which, in case you need a transfusion, the blood is of the correct type and situation do not take them by surprise.

2. Does not let you open the windows

But, of course, not all of them. This applies to some of the windows in Buckingham Palace. The fact is that the view of this building simply must be perfect, and the open windows of the front part of the spoil. Therefore, it is open rarely and at a particular time.

The journalist of the Daily Mirror, Paul Burrell, wrote about this in his time. Realized these and other details of the life of the royal family when, using false documents, he got a job as a lackey in the palace. This violation of the security of the palace brought judicial proceedings on the invasion of the private life in 2003.

3. Hates the ice in the form of cubes

What noises annoy you? Queen Elizabeth II may be bothered by the sound of the ice in the glass. In your opinion, the sound of the ice in the form of spheres is more melodic and precisely these are the to always cool the real drinks.

It is said that the machine for ice in the form of spheres was invented for his wife, by prince Philip.

4. Carries in his bag a hook

In the bag of the queen you won’t find normal things to us, such as, for example, money or a personal identification, but this strange object that often is saved there. Can you imagine what it is for?

It seems that everything is simple, the queen put this hook under the table and there you hang your bag. This is useful, because with the help of this, she gives the signals to their employees. For example, if the bag is found in the soil, means that queen Elizabeth II wants to go. But the bag on the hook doesn’t mean anything, it just is comfortable for its owner.

5. Not excited about men barbones and does not like the bow ties

What mustache, and beard as a sign of masculinity? To Elizabeth II, this is rather a disturbing factor, so that the staff and employees tend to be well-shaven. The only one that breaks this rule is his beloved grandson, prince Harry, although the queen is trying to fight it.

In addition, the queen does not like the vests and the bow ties on the men. But not all of them, but only the false who are already knotted, which the queen can be identified in seconds.

6. Numbered all his clothes

This is due not only to the will of Elizabeth II by the order at all. Each garment has its number and also a recording with the date and place in which it was used. The whole account takes on a special magazine. Due to the fact that the queen prefers the bright colors and the cuts classic, the looks are easy to confuse, and appear with the same style and even with the same color too often is something unacceptable.

7. Pay to a poet, a courtier is with wine

The candidacy for the occupation of the poet is personally approved by the queen. Their works are automatically converted into “national achievements”. When this work appeared, the poet received a salary of 200 £ and 400 litres of wine to accompany. Now removed the monetary reward and the artist works simply by a barrel of sherry.

Currently, the responsibilities of the poet a real are made by the famous poet scottish Carol Ann Duffy. The poet courtier, of course, do not live in the palace, but he is involved in some festivities and writes poems for important dates.

8. Never eat soup and potatoes

Of course, these dishes can be presented in Buckingham Palace, but when the queen is alone, no one would dare to offer him a bowl of soup. Potatoes are not so bothersome for Elizabeth II, she simply avoids the starch in your diet to the extent possible.

9. She loves raspberries, but do not eat in front of people

The raspberry is one of the favorites of the queen, however, she can’t afford to eat them in front of the public. This is because the bones of the fruit can get stuck in your teeth and it would be unacceptable due to the lack of aesthetics. The prohibitions in the festivities also included the moors. Another measure taken to evade situations like this is to remove the seeds from the cucumbers and tomatoes.

10. Use the services of “cinderella”

A special girl with the same size of the shoes of the queen unveils the new shoes of Isabel II to soften them up and stretch them. Although for many years His Majesty prefers the shoes of the same brand and model like, you would prefer not to have to go through the discomfort of brand-new shoes.

What habit of the monarch has seemed the most unlikely?

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