10 dog Breeds adorable that, when seeing them, only you can say: “How cute!”

Sometimes we need tenderness while we feel the turmoil of everyday life. And what if, at home, we expected a cute pet that, with its presence, provides a daily serving of caresses. If you still don’t have one, perhaps after seeing our collection for your mind-blowing idea of having one. And if you look to the end of this article, you’ll witness a copy in vivo of a traditional character cartoon.

In Great.guru we find the dog breeds most endearing to fill you with positivity for the day.

Bichón maltese

Are small dogs of white color. Grow no more than 25 centimeters. Affectionate, quiet and smart, look stylish and aristocratic. These “kids” are incredibly active and ingenious, I love outdoor games and enjoy causing mischief.

The bernese mountain

Dog tri-color long hair. It was originally used as a guard of cattle on farms in Switzerland. Today, it is a dog to enjoy as a family. Sure of himself, always alert and fearless in everyday situations, has a good character and is loyal to his people, as well as quiet with strangers.

Bichón frisé

Small dog happy and active, hair black and curly, eyes dark and tail elegantly curved. This is a true companion dog that you can carry easily to all parts. They are very sociable, both with people as with animals, even strangers.

Shar Pei

This breed has its origin in China. Active dogs of medium size. Its unique appearance is due to the folds of your skin, which with age is “smooth”, and his muzzle, like that of a “hippopotamus”. Calm, independent, loyal, and friendly with the family, they will delight you every day.

Spitz japanese

This spitz comes from the white spitz German that was introduced in Japan in the 1920s. Your beauty is harmonious, and its pronounced elegance fill with dignity to the race. Dogs are intelligent, cheerful and enthusiastic.

Akita Inu

Another proof that not only small dogs can be cute. Breed of japanese origin. It is the largest dog of the species Spitz. Dogs are faithful, obedient and responsive, with a temperament sober.

West Highland white terrier

Or just westy. Small, about 28 inches in height, active and playful. It was created as a race of hunting. They have a self-esteem high and, in consequence, require a lot of attention. Are dogs brave, but friendly.


The only race on our list that can be represented in each of the 4 varieties of height: from the grande to the size toy. These outstanding dogs, smart, active, and harmonious appearance. And they are very workers, can work as hunters and hounds.

English Cocker spaniel

The cheerful character of this race, with a tail always in motion, demonstrates the nature of these dogs. They are kind and loving, so that you are full of life. It is a true breed of hunting. Despite his sociability and friendship innate, may show distrust towards strangers.

Golden doodle

The result of crossing a Golden retriever and a poodle. Race conceived of as the last hope for those who suffer from an allergy to hair canine. Despite the fact that the first dog of this breed appeared in 1969, is still not recognized by the associations cinológicas. But, what does it matter to you when you embrace this good-natured of curly hair?

Bonus: a real, Snoopy

And you, do you have a pet that you provide a positive attitude throughout the day? Let us know in the comments.

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