10+ rare Breeds of dogs that you didn’t know that existed

What in one country is considered exotic, in others it is something common and ordinary. For example, in 2009, the world saw the film “Always beside you” and, at the same time, learned of the existence of the breed Akita Inu, which is very common for the japanese. But there are dogs that are rarely found even in its native land. In this article we will tell you about such dogs, among which is a can “multitask”, as well as a representative of the race, more intelligent, among others.

Great.guru has gathered for you the copies canines more unusual. Who knows, maybe soon everyone can have their own Çatalburun.


The dog Pungsan is the hero fierce and intelligent of the folk tales Korean, which was able to defeat a siberian tiger. And in these stories there is little fiction: the breed was created to hunt large animals, including the tiger of the Amur. This is a can incredibly strong and durable, which hunt well in the mountains and you can sleep in the snow.

Kim Jong-un presented to the president of South Korea two dogs of this breed as a sign of friendship. The Pungsans are a national treasure of the country, but due to the small number of specimens of the breed that exist, are almost unknown outside of North Korea.


The Stabyhoun is a dog “for the poor”. Their owners were originally farmers who could not maintain several dogs for hunting, for taking care of the house and to work. Because of that, these were able to become workers who are needed and very capable in all areas: hunting, guarding the homes, caught rats and transporting cars. Currently, they are also excellent swimmers, and are comfortable even in the cold water.

In addition to the fact that these dogs are “multitasking”, they also have a character angelic: Stabyhouns are friendly, intelligent, patient with children and animals, and also strive to please their owner.


Behind this cute dog with curls hides a worker, serious, able to handle large flocks of sheep. The Pumi are shepherds excellent, but it is not recommended to have them at home because they react to the movements, smells and even the sounds milder with a barking sound and very strong, which is its distinctive feature. Your neighbors definitely will not be happy by such tenant.

This is one of the breeds that are more intelligent, but it is full of contradictions. In the life of these dogs there are two loves: the owner, who are infinitely loyal, and the spirit of freedom. And very often choose to follow the latter. For this reason, the dog is not left chain. The Pumi need to be free and have their own territory. If you choose to have them as a pet in a city, might cause problems, because you easily start fights with other dogs and can’t avoid ladrarles to all strangers.


The Sapsali dogs are uneasy with a legendary story. More than 1 000 years ago, the koreans, the mentioned in their folktales and legends. It was believed that they were able to scare away the evil spirits and ghosts. Therefore, these dogs had no official functions initially: they were considered talismans and were believed to provide good luck with only to enter a home.

Unfortunately, many breeds of dogs koreans, including this one, were almost completely wiped out during the japanese occupation. To the mid-TWENTIETH century, there were only 8 copies of the Sapsali and, despite multiple attempts to increase that number, the debate continues on if the survivors were of pure breed. Anyway, they are family pets, they love children and get along very well with other animals.


A unique feature of these dogs is their nose, which is divided in two parts. Their place of origin is Turkey, but even there it is difficult to find today. One of its advantages is its ability to develop a great speed and keep the rhythm, as well as a sense of smell sensitive. That is why it is believed that they are the best at the time of hunting.

Çatalburun recognizes a single owner and is very loyal to him, but, despite this, it is friendly with the rest of the family. It is impossible to upset him, even if you try to challenge him. However, there are exceptions: the dog may show aggression in front of small animals in their territory. This is because it costs him to suppress his instinct hunter.


This is a breed of greyhounds a very rare and ancient Africa. The French general Eugène Daumas visited Algeria in 1835, and was amazed at the conditions in which were these dogs. They were covered with blankets and decorated with precious stones, were fed with meat selected, and, instead of homes, the dogs, the animals lived in tents bedouin. They are considered part of the family and cried after his death. Unfortunately, the Second World War had exterminated many races in Europe, including the Slougi, and its territories natales, these dogs disappeared almost completely in the 1960s.


The Kai were bred for hunting, and attract the attention of all with his brindle coat. They choose only to an owner and not encariñan with the rest of the family. They are famous for their brave nature and quiet: they swim well and know how to climb trees. All Kai have an innate ability to work in a pack. Thanks to their work, well-coordinated, they can even hunt down a bear or an antelope. And they are not only pets, but also are the national treasure of Japan.


The Kuvasz is a pastor in Hungary. After the Second World War, there were only 30 copies, and are currently considered a race very rare.

We have so many horror stories about them, but in reality they are animals, very loyal and patient. Despite his nature fierce, it is important to take care of them and giving them very special attention. All the accidents that had occurred through the fault of them were caused by the mistakes of their owners. Raised dogs enraged deliberately, using the more severe methods of parenting. In case of cruel treatment, any can is capable of assaulting.

Greenland dog

These dogs love to howl, and there is even a theory that says that the blood of arctic wolves flowing in them. The Greenland dog is distinguished by its strength, tenacity, resilience and unique ability to orient themselves. Although this is one of the oldest breeds of dogs from the sled, often used as hunters of animals of the north: deer, walrus and bears.

Cão de água Portuguese

This breed of dog was bred in the Middle Ages around the coast of Portugal. These animals hunted fish, searched for remains of nets broken and sent messages from one boat to another. To the mid-TWENTIETH century, the fishermen of portugal, as a social group, almost completely disappeared, and with them, these dogs are fearless, obedient and very smart.


The nests of puffins atlantic are found in the cracks of the rocks, and it was quite difficult for the human to get to these birds, whose flesh was very much appreciated. The breed Lundehund was created exactly for these purposes: due to its anatomical structure only, the dog can climb rocks and caves. And not only collected birds, but also eggs. During a night, this can could collect up to 80 puffins atlantic.

The main feature of the breed are its paws with extra toes. Dogs common have four toes that touch the ground, while those belonging to the breed Lundehund has five, and instead of a finger internal have two: one with three phalanges and one additional with two. It is because of this structure so unusual that they can use their legs as if they were cats.

Dog of Carolina

The dog of Carolina can be found in the southeastern united States, but its origin is unknown. Despite the fact that these animals are accustomed to live alone, they are friendly and are interested in people, so that today there are enthusiasts who have these dogs at home. The animals do not tolerate the cold, and are weak and slow that the dogs domesticated.

What race you enjoy the most?

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