10 Restorations that resulted in a total disaster

Know of the History of Art, using the right materials and know the techniques of restoration, are some of the requirements needed for any restorer of works of art. There are several restorations carried out by people “amateurs”, and your results end up being quite controversial. Do you want to know the bungling more significant in some restorations artistic important?

In Great.guru , we have gathered for you the restore procedures more disastrous, when applied to important works of art.

1. The frescoes of the Qing dynasty

These frescoes were re-painted to make them more visible in the buddhist temple of Yunjie (Chaoyang) in 2013, as the original images were disappearing. The result? A mix between cartoon and pop art because of the bright colors used.

2. The Ecce Homo of Borja (Spain)

The work was restored in 2012 by an amateur painter of the Spanish village of Borja: Cecilia Giménez. This lady is helping an old photograph of the original painting, in addition to their low skills in art, which turned out to be a restoration disastrous. The work became viral, and the tourism to see the Ecce Homo has grown considerably. A failure turned into success because of a job too horrible to be true.

3. The funeral mask of Tutankhamun

The beard of Tutankhamun was broken during a restoration, and the conservatives in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo the beat with an adhesive called Epoxy resin. This material is totally inappropriate for use in restoration. In this case, you could perceive a perfect line of yellow between the union of the face with the beard.

4. The Virgin with the Child Jesus and Saint Anne by Leonardo Da Vinci

The work that is in the Louvre museum in Paris was also restored in the year 2012. The box I removed the varnish and won in luminosity, however, doing this work, they loaded the technique of sfumato of Da Vinci.

5. The Great Wall Of China

A fragment of the building was repaired and paved between 2013 and 2014, using white cement and sand in a stretch of approximately 8 km of wall. The restoration of this monument, declared a world Heritage site, could not be more disastrous.

6. Graffiti of Banksy in London

This graffiti of the heroes of “Pulp Fiction” created by the famous street artist, Banksy, quoted in all the world, was destroyed by city workers in Bristol, who covered it with paint to make it look otherwise. They say that the work was removed by mistake, mistaking it with another painted graffitera more.

7. The Step Pyramid of Djoser

Without doubt, the architectural works require maintenance. Above all, when it comes to antiques such as egyptian pyramids. But, apparently, this time to the “specialists” they are going hand in hand. The procedure of restoration of the pyramid of Zoser not only alters the image of the monument, making it look too modern, but that also could have been structural damage on the pyramid’s construction. There are several experts who claim that have been produced by landslides after the restoration, and that is due to the company’s restorative I had never undertaken work of this kind in Egypt.

8. Frescoes of the Sistine Chapel

The restoration of these frescoes brought on a debate: on the one hand, the conservators, who determined that all the layers of grease and dirt on the ceiling were the result of the burning candles of the chapel. On the other side were James Beck and other artists that were not in agreement with this idea. These last claim that michelangelo could have used soot mixed with glue to emphasize the shadows, and improve the definition of areas that are dark and dry. If so, a large part of this artist’s work was removed during its restoration.

9. Mosaics in Hatay (Turkey)

The restoration of these mosaics was a complete disaster: after being “restored”, they lost almost all its value and, according to some scholars, became a “caricature”.

10. Sculpture of Mars and Venus

This sculptural group dating from the year 175 d.C. and is located in the portico of honor of the Palazzo Chigi, seat of the presidency of the Government. Give here are already stirred controversy, and that is that the work was exhibited in the museum. But what is really been bothered by was the order given by the president Silvio Berlusconi to reponerle the penis to Mars and the hands of Venus, skipping and restoration standards more stringent.

Bonus: If you’re not yet impressed with such “improvements”, what do you think of this?

This sculpture of the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus is located in Sudbury, Canada. On the occasion of the vandalism to the sculpture, the child Jesus was decapitated on several occasions. The cure of the parish used to find the head in the vicinity of the church, but this time it disappeared completely, so that it was necessary for the creation of a new one. The artist, Heather Wise was in charge of this restoration, and created a head which had nothing to do with the original model, and that the result was a disaster. The sculptor was defended by stating that it was only a prototype test done on clay. Finally the head was returned and the sculpture ended up well-restored.

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