10 Secrets of design for your home look out of a magazine cover

If you look at the furniture store most famous in the world, IKEA, you will notice that all their designs have some similarities: they are original, well-organized and extremely comfortable.

Great.guru decided to find tricks scandinavian to arrange the inner of your home, much like the designers of IKEA. This is what you must do to make your home look as attractive as possible and unique, as if it had come out of the cover of a magazine.

Choose the correct color

The color of the interior changes it visually: for example, thanks to the light shades, even the tiniest place will seem more spacious. However, lately the tendency to “50 shades of beige”. Of course, this color looks very elegant, but it is not the only one available. You can opt-out of the blue, lavender, mint, all kinds of grey: your home will look just as cool and stylish.

For example, this experiment with the color gray.

Placed color accents

Do a few accents of color in a design monotonous. Can be cushions, colourful rugs, lamps, paintings, whatever.

Not only you can put accents of color, but also of geometric patterns and abstract.

Not afraid to make experiments

Not afraid to experiment. Not only with the furniture or accessories, but also with the basic objects, for example, the floor. But remember that with a flat “active”, the other elements must be more or less neutral so that the interior does not become a mixture extravagant.

Play with the space

You can play with the size of the space not only by using color. Also the mirrors make your room look more spacious.

Select the right lighting

The more lighting you have, the better. You can use schemes of different light: a lamp central, spotlights, additional table lamps or floor.

Don’t forget the decorations

Fear not to use live plants in the interior. This will add more freshness.

All type of accessories in the form of blankets, soft cushions, decorative, abstract paintings, posters, clocks, minimalist, colorful container with plants, wicker baskets and dishes of fruit will infuse life into your room.

Don’t sobreesfuerces

The best option is to have a ceiling smooth and well painted. No construction multi-level!

The only thing that yes you can overdo it… your bed!

Remember: the bed of your bedroom should be a worthy of the kings. To complement it, used blankets, a large amount of cushions and soft carpets. The bed should be the most welcoming place in your home, so that as you look at it, you want to lie down there right away.

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