10+ effective Techniques for those who are tired of struggling with the double chin

The double chin is a fold of skin that forms in the region of the lower jaw. This defect gives an appearance unhealthy, swelling, heaviness and distorts visually the proportions of the face.

The good news is that the problem has a solution: you can remove with the help of massages, physical exercises, at-home procedures and treatments in beauty salons.

The double chin is a problem that can have even the women are very young and slender. Great.guru has figured out why they form and, more importantly, how to get rid of it.

Why is that double chin treacherous?

In the area of risk are women over 45 years old. At that time, the skin loses its elasticity significantly, giving as a result the deformation of the face. In cosmetology, this process is called ptosis gravitational.

  • A sudden change of weight

The rapid changes in body weight, both his decline as its rise, can lead to the formation of skin folds.

  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • The inheritance

If you have inherited from your parents a structure of a jaw that has a small angle between the neck and the line of the chin, you will probably have to face the problem of double chin.

  • The bad daily habits

The most common of these is the habit of slouching and stay for a long time with his head down (for example, when using a smartphone).

  • Sleep problems

The pillows, high and soft not only cause a bad dream, but also the problem of the jowls.

How to get rid of the double chin?

1. With the help of physical exercises

This is one of the methods home more simple and effective to get rid of double chin, because the exercises affect both the skin and the muscles of the face. The first results will be visible after a week of doing the exercises. The main thing is regularity.

  • Looking for a thick book with a hard cover. Put it in your head. Walking in this position for at least 10 minutes every day. With time, you can take a book even thicker.
  • Imagine that there is a heavy load on your lower jaw. You try to feel it, forcing the muscles of the face. When you do this exercise, the head should be thrown back. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Try to reach with the tongue the tip of the nose, and then the lower jaw. Repeat 5 times.
  • Opens up a lot of the mouth and draw the tongue a eight imaginary as wide as possible. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • It supports the elbows on the table and put your chin on the cuffs. Try lowering the head by resistance with the hands.
  • Tense the muscles of the face and repeated several times with a clear articulation of the vowels “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”.

2. With the help of self-massage

Massage home is an effective remedy to get rid of the double chin for a long time; improves blood circulation, it gives firmness to the muscles of the face and helps to remove the harmful substances from the skin.

Wash your hands well with soap and water, and dry them with a towel. Applies cream, gel or oil in the bottom of the face. Slowly, without pressure, run your hands along the bottom jaw in the direction from the lobes to the chin, and then in the opposite direction. Little by little, sees the increase of the pressure and the pace.

Passes of the previous movement to a pat, and then pinches. Complete the massage with a soft and slow caress.

For this procedure you can also use natural honey, always and when you don’t have allergy to it, of course.

3. Procedures salon

  • The mioestimulación is one of the most effective methods to combat the jowls, and allows you to get results without the need of resorting to exercises, dieting and massage. The effect is provided by electrical impulses that eliminate the excess fluids from the problem areas.
  • The facelift with radiofrequency allows to get rid of double chin in a short time due to the use of some radio waves of a special rank. As a result of the procedure, the blood circulation improves, produces cell regeneration, and decreases the volume of adipose tissue.
  • The lipolysis laser is another effective method to get rid of the double chin. The effect is achieved by the action of laser radiation of low intensity. The fat cells are broken down and are eliminated from the body without surgery.
  • Mini liposuction: a method of the category of heavy artillery in a fierce war with the chin. Fatty tissue and loose skin are removed surgically.

4. With home treatments

  • Black clay

It is one of the masks most simple and effective. Mix 3 tablespoons of clay with warm water and apply the paste resulting to the area of the jowls 1 or 2 times a week. If you have dry skin, add a few drops of any oil basis.

  • Use of bandages

The users of the network discussed with enthusiasm the benefits of the use of the bandage and the collar Shants in the fight against the double chin. This kind of elements improve the tone and eliminate the muscle tension, soften the surface of the skin and improve the condition of the muscle fibers.

Bonus: it hides the double chin in minutes!

1. Choose the wardrobe right

A sweetheart neckline and moderate distract from the problem area of the chin.

2. Change the hairstyle

It is better to give preference to hairstyles voluminous that they find the neck. Prevents locks in the chin. The variant of the strands near the chin will transform the double chin into a triple.

3. Test new ways to apply makeup in the face

The procedure of sculpting the face helps to hide effectively even a double chin very pronounced. Focus on the cheeks and on the eyes. It diverts attention from the chin with lip colorful and with glitter. Put on the lower jaw shimmer powder to sculpt.

And you, do you have faced with the problem of double chin? What methods do you think are the most effective?

Illustrator Alena Tsarkova for Great.guru

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