10 Techniques to help you continue losing weight if the diet no longer works more

According to the results of an investigation of a team of scientists from leading universities in EE. UU., only 1/5 of the people are able to eliminate excess weight, which represents at least 10 per cent of the body mass. One of the reasons of complications for slimming is the appearance of the effect plateau. It’s called the effect when, after a certain period of time, the weight remains unchanged despite all the efforts.

It is not surprising that the absence of progress is frustrating, and can lead to the rejection of the new healthy lifestyle. However, the effect of plateau can and should fight.

Great.guru found scientific evidence that they are able to make the weight move from a dead point and that the enthusiasm does not fall while you do not get the numbers you want to see on the scale.

1. Perform strength training

The resistance training (dumbbells, kettle bell, machine strength) are less effective for weight loss that aerobic exercises since they allow to keep the level of metabolism, which is important to a diet long-term. The strength training literally “excite” your metabolism, without giving you the opportunity to enter into a state of low energy consumption.

Just don’t forget to consume protein-rich foods after exercise: then, the muscles will be strengthened and the excess fat will not raise a single gram.

2. Change the calorie content of the food during the week

During the diet, our clever body adapts to the cut in rations, reducing the energy consumption. Essentially, the body adapts to the new conditions of life, maintaining carefully the kilograms purchased thinking that there will come times of hunger. And the reduction of the caloric intake simply by convincing more of this.

To deceive the agency, you can go to the reception under the name of “cycling calories”. Two days a week, try to eat about 1000 or 1200 kcal with a minimum of carbohydrates, and, in the remaining days with 1500. This step will not allow the metabolism to slow down, but will create the need to lose weight due to the calorie deficit.

3. To distinguish between a plateau of a real imaginary

During the first few days of the diet, the excess water comes out of the body, which makes the figures for the weight to fall sharply. However, in order to lose 0.5 kg of fat is necessary to create a deficit of 3500 kilocalories. No matter how you do this, either with the aid of diets or sport, but, obviously, the process will not be the fastest.

Many people adopt a weight loss very slow due to the plateau, therefore you lose the enthusiasm and stop the diet. Be patient and promise yourself to not weigh more than once a week: so the process will be much more noticeable.

4. Bet on the proteins and vegetables

Diets low in fat are considered to be of the best strategies for weight loss. The protein and fiber make us to be well fed and speed up the metabolism, while on the other hand, the carbohydrates cause increases in insulin levels, accentuating the feeling of hunger and facilitating the accumulation of reserves of fat. In a nutshell, if you keep a diet, it is best to eat pieces of meat without fat, instead of a sweet fruit.

5. Change the set of exercises

The battle of the millennial against survival taught him to our agency with a simple thing: you have to economize the resources of all the possible ways. The body of the human being, after a time, adapts to the load, in particular, to the exercises in the gym. Therefore, after a few weeks, the progress repetitive will be null and void.

There is only one conclusion: once every 1 or 1.5 months, it is necessary to change the athletic program. There are many variants: switch from yoga to pilates, pilates to step aerobics, to perform new exercises that work different groups of muscles, or to change the weight of the dumbbells.

6. Allow yourself to eat delicious foods

The ability to cope with the urge to eat requires the proper functioning in the schema neural. However, if a person for a long time is kept on a diet, your brain will increase the desire for food: so that it seems to us that the chocolate or the cookies they give us more happiness than it actually is.

That is why nutritionists insist on the inclusion of small (and this is the key word) lots of products to “forbidden”. Mimándote yourself once in a while, do you prevent the frustrations in the mass by which it seems that the diet does not work.

7. Performed new calculations of the caloric intake

The amount of calories that are needed to maintain or lose weight does not only depend on the physical load, but the mass of the person. If a big person consumed daily 2000 kilocalories, this adelgazará, and if the same figure, adopts a young girl’s thin, then she would.

Do not forget that, after every 5 kg lost, it is necessary to make a new calculation of the daily intake required: this is required to continue losing weight.

8. It monitors your sleep rhythm of

As long explained to the scientists, poor sleep and weight loss are incompatible. The biological reasons of this argument are too many, but in general, we can say the following: lack of sleep produces stress, which leads to an increase of the feeling of hunger, it is precisely by modifying the level of hormone and the metabolism in general. Therefore, it is important not to sacrifice the dream to change the practice, and to create conditions for a complete dream.

9. Mind the calories

Scientists have shown that weight loss with no oversight external to the passage of a few weeks of diet, people stop to carefully control the quantity and quality of food in their ration. Since then, this has given rise to a high in the process of the elimination of kilograms of more, even though the test subjects felt that they ate the same way before.

10. Taking into account the characteristics of the organism

It is no secret that, before the start of the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body accumulates water, because, when you have an excessive fluid intake (particularly at night), consume salty foods, alcohol, and even dairy products. The reaction of each organism to one or another product it is very individual and this has to be taken into account. Don’t forget to analyze your diet and the influence of the new food in the weight.

For example, the author of this article had a stagnation to lose weight only due to the excessive consumption of tomatoes. Even if they are vegetables and as such do not have calories in excess, for some reason have contributed to the retention of fluids in the body.

After you exclude from your diet one or another product, the edema will disappear within 1-2 days, however, a couple of kilos extra on the scale leads to the panic and frustration of every woman who keeps a diet. Forget the scales and use the tape to measure, since it easily demonstrate your progress and you will take care of a portion consoling biscuits.

Have you ever faced the effect plateau to lose weight? Have you managed to overcome it?

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