10 Theories about cartoons that will leave ice cream

Not in vain the cartoons occupy a special place in our hearts, whether it’s the nostalgia of childhood or the love for the genre of animation. We want to re-see and immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales again and again. Although sometimes the familiar stories are opened from a completely different angle.

Great.guru has compiled 10 incredible theories of viewers who invest from head to toe our favorite cartoons.

10. “Sponge Bob Square Pants”

According to one theory, the cheerful cartoon about Sponge Bob and his friends is an allusion to the seven deadly sins. Well, Squidward has personified the anger; Patrick, laziness; Gift Crab, greed; Plankton, to envy; Arenita, pride; Gary, gluttony, and Spongebob, to lust. The latter seems strange, but if one takes into account that one of the meanings of the word “lust” is love, then everything fits: Sponge Bob loves to all around him.

9. “Hey Arnold!”

In the animated series, Arnold lives with his grandparents and doesn’t remember his parents. But maybe he lived with them all his life without knowing it! One of the theories of the fans assumed that the grandparents of Arnold are his real parents. Brought the child to a very advanced age, and, as a result, was born with a head shape unusual. Phil and Gertie are afraid that others laugh even more the child’s “head ball” because his parents are elderly and that’s why they pretend to be their grandparents.

8. “Pinky and Brain”

The song of the intro of the original cartoon, he speaks of two lab mice, one of whom is a genius and the other insane. We always thought that was Pinky and Brain, respectively, but was probably the reverse: Pinky is the real genius in the pair. To support this theory, it is argued that the mouse “stupid” frequently see the obvious where the Brain does not see it, and also pronounced speeches deep to which the “genius” does not pay attention, drawn by plans manic to take over the world.

7. “Aladdín”

The action of the cartoon takes place in Agrabah, an ancient city. Or in a city of the future? The theory of the fans says that Agrabah is a city post-apocalyptic far future, and the evidence of this are the numerous references to the genius of the disciplines, shows and famous personalities of the TWENTIETH century.

6. The “Up — An adventure of height”

The touching film about the adventures of the old Karl and the boy Russell becomes even more entertaining, assuming that the old Karl died at the start. That’s why Russell tries to help Karl to find the waterfalls paradise, that is the conduit to the next world.

5. “The Incredibles”

This cartoon was remembered not only by the unusual family, but also by a charismatic supporting character: the fashion designer Edna. Do you remember how you refused to sew costumes with a layer to the family, since they were the ones that caused the death of many superheroes? And now remember how he died the evil-doer master of the caricature: his coat was sucked into the turbine of a plane. Then, the incredible were not who saved all, but Edna, who incidentally sewed a costume with a cape.

4. “The Simpsons”

This animated series has been aired for 30 years, and the theory is even more shocking: during the past 24 years we have been seeing the dream of Homer, since he is in a coma! In the fourth season, Homer falls into a coma and then recovers. But, according to one version, he never woke up, and everything that happens after that chapter is a dream a comatose Homer. This explains perfectly why the age of the characters does not change.

3. “Monsters, Inc.” and “Brave”

Some theories go so far that link several cartoons. Do you remember the baby Boo from the movie “Monsters, Inc.”? According to one theory, she tried to look to Sulley through the magical gates. And if they can carry a person and a monster in the space, then surely they can do the same through the time. Therefore, Sulley is found in the world of the princess, red-haired Merida and the witch old is Boo! Evidence: the drawing of Sulley in the wall and a truck with a pizza on the table. Where else could they have gotten?

2. “WALL-E”

One of the theories most sinister proposes that the cute robot WALL-E is the responsible for the destruction of the Earth. In accordance with the frame, the cleaning robots had to get rid of the debris from the planet for 5 years, while people rested in a space ship. However, they have spent 700 years old and the Earth is still full of rubbish, all the cleaning robots except WALL-E have disappeared somewhere. The theory suggests that WALL-E got rid of all of them. As proof is the moment it finds an old robot and take parts of it for the same. However, it does not need it: in your shelter there are many parts of other robots, what will be their trophies after the battle? This would explain why WALL-E is the only robot on the planet and why she’s still there is so much garbage.

1. “My favorite villain” and “The Minions”

One of the theories on the Internet says that the beautiful appearance of these creatures yellow relates with experiments monstrous. Supposedly, the masks in the picture are equipment in which is inserted a poisonous gas. However, the photo shows costumes rescue of the year 1908 for passenger submarine. The creators of the Minions was inspired for its creation in Jawas from “star wars” and the Oompa-Loompas of “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

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