10 basic Tricks shared by stylists to look more elegant and neat without investing much money!

Rarely we think of this, however, to have the image of a woman well-groomed enough just to follow certain principles, for example, how to use a perfume and to avoid using a huge amount of clothing. The money does not play such an important role.

Great.guru gathered 10 tips from some stylists with whom you’ll be perfect without lots of work. Look, at best, between them there is one that you need.

1. A single color

To create the look, it is very important to keep the color báscico neutral in clothing. The color chosen must be the primary and others have to be additional to combine the shades. In addition, the combination of different fabrics will add more elegance: the coat of thick fabric and the sweater, soft cashmere make a combination of amazing.

The main rule: the more elegant and simple views, most luxurious you’ll see.

2. Style “out of time”

Not always follow the fashion it is a good decision. In the first place, you spend a lot of money. In the second place, you take the risk of not hitting and looking quite ridiculous. In addition, the clothes copied from designers we don’t always see harmonious due to the use of fabrics more affordable.

The right decision will be to create a basic wardrobe to which you can add current accessories depending on your mood. In this case, your look will be more special and current.

3. Accessories with character

There is No doubt that the expensive jewelry they still have a lot of demand, however, in the modern society increasingly becomes more popular with costume jewellery is original and of good quality. For a good look it is not necessary to use a large amount of accessories. It is sufficient that they are well-made and interesting.

The main rule: the accessory has to reflect your individuality.

4. Bags with a correct form

The bag is one of the main things in the closet of a woman. For its value, you can compare with a men’s watch, which displays status. Choose the bags with a proper geometrical shape, will complement perfectly with your look. Also, don’t save on them: better to buy 1 or 2 bags expensive, and universal.

Also, is it worth buying things of real leather, as it will last longer (by the way, they also include shoes and belts).

5. Right hairstyle

This seems quite trivial. However, any look nice will look good if the hair is tousled. The hairstyle is always the final touch, the spark main of your look. By using a good hairstyle can turn your simple outfit into one unforgettable.

The main rule: you have to convert the hair into your favorite hobby. Use curlers and irons without fear. These videos can help you.

6. Minimal makeup

In the modern society there is an unspoken rule: the higher the status of a woman, the less bright it will be your daily makeup. In the first place, the task of makeup is to hide flaws and emphasize the aesthetic virtues. Such tricks as “three layers of creams remedial,” it is better to leave them for beauty bloggers.

The main rule: it pays to take care of the cleaning and the elasticity of your face and focus more on the feeding and care of your skin. Then a eye catching makeup will not be necessary.

7. Perfume perfect

The main characteristic of a perfume of good quality is the smell. Whatever the style that you have, if you smell very rich, the people surrounding you will perceive it another way. In addition, a right perfume will help you to feel more confident in yourself in any situation.

The main rule: choose the perfume, focusing on your own preferences and not in the advertising. Then it will smell perfect on your skin. Another tip: not worth spending a little money on the perfume.

8. Take care of your hands

Sometimes it seems to us that no one sees our hands. However, for most they are a mirror that reflects your neatness. Manicured hands without shins with a manicure clean (could be even with a transparent varnish) are always a sign of belonging to a society that is more high.

The main rule: take care of your hands regularly. Turns your care into a ritual pleasant.

9. Rotation of garments

It is very important to get rid of the habit of buying a lot of clothes. Just think: for the price of three sweaters that are “good, but not so much” you can buy a wonderful piece of brand you will serve more time.

The main rule: buy only what you really worth.

10. Stripping only a part of the body

If you decide to discover any part of the body giving your look a touch of seduction, always chooses only one part (legs, neck, or shoulders). Undress all at once is a trait of obscenity.

The main rule: every look is very important to have an enigma for which there is space for the imagination.

Have you found something for you? I tell us and compártenos your tips!

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