10 Tricks of interior design that you already fell out of fashion

All complicated constructions such as roof multi-level or wardrobe heavy already fell out of fashion. What is popular now is the simplicity and the environmentally friendly solutions. Here goes a simple and small list to help you evaluate if interior follow the trends or not.

In Great.guru we have compiled for you 10 tricks of interior are outdated, and we will tell you how to change them.

Ceilings complicated

According to the designers, the success of the early 2000’s, the roof multi-level lighting, it is outdated. The complicated constructions, highlighted with multiple lamps have been changed by the simple, and the lighting colors that went with the decor before, and it was forgotten.

Niches and arches

The arches artistic, integrated in the narrow aisles, like false walls and niches of plaster are another sign that the interior is outdated. Usually, these luxuries architectural are non-functional and “eat” a lot of space, especially, if it’s about small houses. Now the designers prefer to keep the square shape of the thresholds and use the buildings “fit” to separate a space between several areas: for example, panels thin metallic or wooden beams with patterns that resemble lace.

Furniture wall

In place of large pieces of furniture that occupy the entire wall, the designers offer to use furniture pendant.

Wall murals

For more attractions you feel are the wall murals, designers recommend not to use them in the decoration of one wall accented. Instead of a forest of birch trees, a starry sky or tulips huge, you must decorate these walls with decorative plaster, wallpaper, panels of wood or ceramic.

Guadrarropa huge

The trend is simplicity, so that now instead of wardrobe with sliding doors designers recommend opting for wardrobes with swinging doors.

Sets of furniture

Any game furniture, whether it is the bedroom with bed, bureaus and closet made in the same style, or a room, because they are not fashionable. Designers recommend to combine different types of furniture.

Wallpaper for the entire room

Modern designers say that now, fill the whole room with the same type of wallpaper is not in fashion and recommended to accentuate only a wall. Usually, the wall is accentuated is the one that we see first when entering a room.

Shower cabins

The shower cubicles which seem to space capsules, and are difficult to clean since they went out of fashion. Preference is given to constructions laconic.

Computer desk

Desktops for computer huge with shelves to store discs are already in the past. Now the trend is to opt for small furniture and hanging shelves (usually closed) above the level of the zone of work.

Soft corner for the kitchen

The kitchens corners have been changed by small tables, cozy chairs and small that leave to serve the food without problems.

The home is the place where you live comfort. No matter what decorations the decorate, the important thing is to feel good all its inhabitants, not a designer, an abstract is in fashion. What objects make you feel comfortable in your home? I count it in the comments!

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