10 Tricks to make your phone do not download too fast

It is almost impossible today to imagine our life without a cell phone. It is our means of communication, with your help, we learned of the latest news and is also a work tool. Read, listen to music, see movies, play games or navigate on the Internet with our smartphones. Often this device discharges too quickly, without getting to last for even a day unplugged.

Great.guru investigated the reasons why our phones can be downloaded ahead of time. Maybe you don’t realize how negative you can be your influence on the battery level of your faithful companion.

Do not clean the charging port

Put wallpapers of vibrant colors

When you check the time, messages received, and missed calls, always look at the home screen of your device. The wallpapers of vibrant colors consume a lot of energy. Therefore, our recommendation is that you use funds in white and black. It is one of the best tricks to save battery life.

You have your phone in their hands constantly

If it is hot, we recommend you not have your phone in your hands for a long time. The device already is heating up for the high temperatures and, in addition to this, it receives heat from your hands. All of this makes you to lose more load still.

Active the auto rotation

Another recommendation is to turn off the function “automatic Rotation” and turn it on only if you really need it. What happens is that the accelerometer, the sensor that manages this functionality, it consumes too much load.

Programs are running in background

When you check your Instagram, messaging programs and other applications, you tend to downplay them and not closing them. So continue to consume the charge of your battery, running in the background. Here our recommendation: from time to time when you close all the windows of the device.

You set the maximum brightness of the screen

Decrease the brightness of the screen at least a 30 or 40 percent while you’re at home will help you save the battery of your phone. Normally this level is sufficient to be able to see all the necessary information. When you exit to the street nor to use the maximum brightness. It will be better if, instead of this active role “Street”. You will have good visibility even with the sun and will be turned off automatically in 15 minutes.

To active the vibrate mode

The function “Vibration” is the champion in download your phone. We recommend that you use it only when you really need it. In other cases, you can configure the do Not disturb mode/No sound or the Sound.

Do not use the auto-lock

Configures the auto-lock screen. Put the maximum time and in this case the consumption of the battery will decrease dramatically. And if for some reason you forget to lock your phone, it will do so automatically.

Active GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi

Features GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi make the load of your phone is finished in a blink of an eye. Therefore, turn off these functions if you don’t use at the moment.

Do not turn off the cell phone

For that the battery of your device to serve you for more time, turn off your phone at night. This trick will help you to cool the battery and so as to avoid failures in the operation of the apparatus.

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