10 unintentionally creepy characters-Super Mario 64 – No Survey No Passwords

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10 unintentionally creepy characters Super Mario 64

Unagi this Eel (Super Mario 64)
You will be swimming along underwater, exploring the depths in the ocean. Coins dance in this waves, seaweed slowly drifts forwards and backwards, the music lulls you in to a state of calm. It’s kind of nice down here–HOLY SHIT, THAT EEL ARRIVED OF NOWHERE.

With his soul-piercing dots for eyes and his gaping maw, Super Mario 64’s Unagi the Eel accounted to have an abnormal surge of heart-attacks in children during the 1990s. And it wasn’t enough to just own it jump out and scare you–there’s the precious star hanging out precariously towards the edge of its tail, and you should go get it. You understand, behind all of Nintendo’s charming mascots lies a concealed sinister streak a mile broad.

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Bobbie Bowlans

really creepy yeha

Super Mario

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