10 alternate Uses of fabric softener to the clothes

In addition to being an excellent product to leave our clothes soft and with a pleasant scent to clean, the fabric softener for the clothes have other alternative uses in that it is also quite effective. From mopping the floors to polishing furniture, the fabric softener has some properties which make a product very useful for multiple tasks around the home.

In Great.guru we show you some of the different uses that you can give the fabric softener to not limit you to only using it at the time of casting.

1. Remove remains of food

If your pots and pans have glued remains of food are impossible to remove, stops acting on them a mixture of hot water with a tablespoon of fabric softener. To spend an hour, try to fregarlas, and you will see how the remains of the meal disappear easily.

2. Help remove wallpaper

Only those who have had to remove the wallpaper from your walls know how expensive that is this task. You can facilitate its removal by adding a cap of fabric softener to a quart of water. Moisten a sponge with this mixture and soak the wall. When you are suficientemene wet, simply scrape off the paper and it will come out with ease.

3. As limpiapisos

To clean your tile floors, the fabric softener is a great ally. Add a cap of fabric softener into a bucket of water, and trapea the floors with this mixture. In addition to removing the dirt, make it shine to your tile and leave a pleasant smell for hours.

4. Create an air freshener homemade

Mix in a pot with a steamer and a cap of fabric softener, a cup of hot water, and two tablespoons of baking soda. Spray this mixture around the corners of your house such as sheets, curtains, carpets and sofas. You will notice a pleasant aroma throughout your home for several hours. It is recommended that you do not vaporices freshener very close to the tissue because it can leave a stain.

5. To clean the bathroom

Your bathroom will be bright and without a trace of lime if it’s cleaned with a mixture of water, alcohol, and fabric softener. Pour over the amount of water that you choose a cap of fabric softener and a plentiful stream of alcohol. Clean with this mixture, both the toilets as the tiles, and you’ll see how, in addition to a deep cleaning and long-lasting, the freshener brings a smell great throughout the stay.

6. As a glass cleaner

For that your windows are sparkling without costing you a lot of cleaning, you should add a tablespoon of fabric softener to the clothes in half a litre of water and store this mixture in a bottle with vaporizer. Use this mixture and a cloth that is lint-free to clean the dirt, and then passes through your glasses with a dry cloth so that the finish is perfect.

7. Give shine to the furniture

This product works just like the cleaners that add shine to your furniture when you clean. Mix in a quart of water a tablespoon of fabric softener and an alcohol, and clean your furniture with this mixture. You will see that the results are amazing.

8. Soften tissues

Either in use, or which have been washed, rugs and carpets are left rough and dry. To fix this, enter in a boat with spray two litres of water and half a cap of fabric softener. Use gloves to massage the entirety of your fabric with gentle massage, so that the liquid will impregnate all areas. In addition to smooth, they give a pleasant odor to the tissues.

9. Odor eliminator

If you have any corner of the home that suddenly begins to smell of a nasty (smell in a closed, musty smell…), mix half a cap of fabric softener, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a litre of hot water. Spray this mixture in areas where there is a bad smell until this disappears.

10. End with static electricity

If your carpets, couches, or any of your clothing causing the annoying static electricity, you just have to spray on them a mixture of water with a squirt of your softener. You will notice from minute one as the static electricity disappears from your home.

Did you even know these tricks? Do you know of any other use of the fabric softener?

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