10 Uses extraordinary of the Coca-Cola that many overlooked

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular beverage around the world. The vast majority of the people has been drunk, even once. But this soda can be used for other things besides drinking it.

In Great.guru, we tell you about some of the uses most extraordinary of this drink.

1. Improve your compost

If you like to make compost, a good trick to keep in mind is to water the earth with Coca-Cola, in order to favour the development of microorganisms that help to maintain healthy your land. But do not abuse: this you can do it once a week.

2. Glass cleaner

Due to its citric acid content, Coca-Cola is also a partner at the time of cleaning of the crystals. Dip your glassware with a little of this drink and rub the stain just as you would with any glass cleaner.

3. Catch insects

As you know, Coca-Cola has high contents of sugar. Thanks to this, if you want to attract insects to catch, you just need to put this drink in a container. It is ideal for attracting flies and ants. Then, just get rid of them!

4. To clarify the tincture of the hair

If you have dyed hair and the color has been too dark for your liking, you can use Coca-Cola to make it clear, because their chemicals have the ability to degrade the colors. For this, wet your hair with Coca-Cola for a while before lavártelo, until you achieve the desired color.

5. Remove gum from hair

Have you ever stuck a chewing gum in your hair? Don’t despair: it is not necessary that you cut. Wet the affected part with plenty of Coca-Cola, let it stand half an hour, and then you try to remove the gum. You can see how it has surged. It is also valid if you’ve stepped on gum, don’t ruin your new shoes!

6. Melt the frost and ice

There are areas where the winter is very crude and form frost on the sidewalk. That is really dangerous, because it facilitates slips and falls. To get rid of the frost, poured Coca-Cola in parts of the sidewalk where ice has formed, wait for a while, and you’ll see how the frost-detaching.

7. Clean your toilet

Even if you keep your toilet super clean, it is an object that never comes bad a cleaning booster. For this reason, dumps a litre of Coca-Cola in the toilet, making sure the liquid touches the walls of the same. Wait an hour and then rub it with the squeegee, such as clean normally. The result: a toilet more bright.

8. Home made bbq

The bbq sauce is a delight, right? You can make your own barbecue by mixing the juice of a tin of tomatoes with half a bottle of Coca-Cola. I’ll see what deliciousness!

9. Relieve certain types of stomach upset

If you’ve indigestado, try to drink a small glass of Coca-Cola. According to some sources, the Coca-Cola can assist in the cure of indigestion. And of course, do not hesitate to consult your doctor about this.

10. Soothe insect bites

If you have been bitten by an insect and the area you burn it, dip a cotton ball in Coca-Cola and apply it on the bite. Thanks to the caffeine it contains, this drink will help lower the swelling and burning.

Have you ever used Coca-Cola for any of these things? Do you have more tricks? Oh tell us, we want to know!

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