10Tratamientos of Hollywood beauty that are truly extravagant

Great.guru met the trends more strange that is captivating to the Hollywood celebrities.

10. Treatment facial gold

9. False teeth

The perfect Hollywood smile has become a standard requirement couple almost all public figures, and the sheets or coatings (also known as “veneers”) are one of the ways to achieve this. These thin shells of porcelain, which are attached to the front of each tooth, generally used to change its size, shape, color, or position.

Sivan Finkel, a dentist of New York, says that the first thing that happens when someone starts his artistic career is that his agent will mention the phrase: “now you have to get your dental veneers”.

The dental implants are a much more radical to improve your smile. This treatment consists of tooth roots made of zirconia or titanium that are placed in the jaw. Unlike veneers or veneers, in this case, you must get rid of all your natural teeth and live with a full set of artificial pieces for the rest of your existence.

8. Face of a vampire or a mask of blood

Stretching favorite of Kim Kardashian is to take your own blood and inject it in the face with needles very small in the form of plasma enriched with platelets and vitamins. It is said that this procedure rejuvenates the facial tissue and prevents wrinkles.

7. Facial thai to base slaps

The facial thai-based slapstick is a rare beauty treatment based on the therapy of taps, and is led by Mawin and Tata New Series World. It is said that this procedure is unusual strengthens and stretches the facial muscles, erases wrinkles and reverses the signs of aging.

A 15-minute session of Tata in the international center of facial basis on the face of San Francisco costs around 350 USD for one side of the face, and has become very popular in certain circles of celebrities because, as they say, to be beautiful must suffer.

6. Surgery of Cinderella

The procedure of Cinderella, also known as “bunionectomies” in medical terms, is an osteotomy with fixation by screw for correction of hallux valgus. In other words, this popular cosmetic procedure reshapes the feet for the women to walk with high heels.

Dr. Neal Blitz, a podiatrist from Manhattan, says that the trend is led by the brands of shoes Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Nicholas Kirkwood, which are really popular among celebrities today.

5. Bee venom

A face mask containing bee venom has the same effect as botox but without the need to resort to the needles. This treatment is the favorite of Kate Middleton, as the toxins of the poison help reduce wrinkles. The duchess of Cambridge confirms that this mask lifts, firms, and provides a skin care anti-aging like no other cosmetic procedure.

4. Velaterapia to the ends of the hair damaged

The velaterapia, also known as the “cut candle”, is a popular treatment brazilian for damaged hair, which uses heat to get rid of the split ends. This technique is very popular among the supermodels of Victoria’s Secret, such as, for example, Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fialho.

3. Snail

While the French eat the snails, the celebrities in Hollywood grease the baba of them in your skin. Katie Holmes, often, use products skin care that contain this fluid to keep your skin soft, smooth, shiny and without any wrinkles. The snail is composed of elastin, acid, glycolide, and proteins, which together have many advantages: they help to regenerate the damaged tissue, eliminate acne, reduce pigmentation and finish with the wrinkles.

2. Baths in red wine

Almost we all know that drinking a glass of red wine is actually good for your health, but not everyone knows the benefits that this drink can give to our skin.

Actress Teri Hatcher, in general, add a glass of wine to your bath as this will help the skin to soften, to remain without wrinkles and increase cell renewal of the skin. “The only bad thing is that you can’t drink the whole bottle”, she says.

1. Face of geisha

Uguisu no fun, which literally means “the droppings of a nightingale”, the treatment is a favourite of Victoria and David Beckham, those who use it regularly in facials that contain a mixture of the excrement with rice bran and water.

This ancient japanese technique is based on the fact that the poop of certain birds helps to reduce the appearance of acne and makes the skin look more smooth, shiny and healthy.

What treatments do you find most interesting of these mentioned above? What would you like to try any of them? Please share with us your opinion in the comments!

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