11 Celebrities exceptional that they made their best effort for their fans

We’ve all heard stories of divas and queens of drama, but what happens to those celebrities that feel nothing more than love and respect for their fans? Many of them do things that you never expect, are not limited in the slightest at the moment of thanking you for the support of their followers, and there are born these incredible stories.

In Great.guru decided to share those stories of when celebrities have really gone beyond what we all hope to make happy their fans.

1. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt

This duo of superheroes made a bet for the Super Bowl, indicating that the loser would visit a children’s hospital … just in disguise! Despite the fact that Chris Evans won the bet (Pratt paid a visit to Christopher’s Haven in Boston), he still visits the children’s Hospital of Seattle to give the children something of the joy of part of Captain America.

2. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock

The wrestler favorite WWE turned actor melted hearts by inviting a child with a terminal illness to the set of Guardians of the bay after receiving a handwritten letter from Tater, 7 years old, detailing why I wanted to meet his idol.

3. Ed Sheeran

After a Twitter campaign that included the hashtag #SongForTri (Song by Tri), the management of Ed held a phone call with Trione Priestley, who had suffered from cystic fibrosis since childhood. Ed sang “Little Bird” on the phone while he breathed for the last time, surrounded by her family.

4. Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

Following in the footsteps of the heroes of Marvel, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth visited the Children’s Hospital Lady Cilento. Entertained about 80 children, came equipped with costumes and the hammer of Thor, and even were interviewed by one of the small.

5. Mila Kunis

The Sergeant Veteran Scott Moore posted a video online in which he asked Mila Kunis to attend your appointment in the Marine Corps of the united States. She not only answered, but he accepted and accompanied him on this special occasion.

6. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen received a letter from a woman who worked for a children’s hospital. She was struggling to get to pay off the expenses of your family, so we took them all to Los Angeles and turned him over to the woman in addition to a check for 10 thousand dollars.

7. Amy Schumer

After being attended to by a fan at a restaurant and talk with him about the realities of being a college student who works to pay for school, Schumer left a tip of 500 dollars. This is a total of 1000% whereas it had only spent $ 49 dollars on dinner!

8. JJ Abrams

The legendary director of star wars, along with the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, brought pizza to hundreds of fans that were in the row for an annual event “Celebration of the War of the Galaxies”.

9. Bruno Mars

When Bruno discovered that Zumyah Thorpe, a survivor of a car accident 11 years of age, listened to his music while he was recovering from his wounds, was among the audience of one of his shows, took the stage to sing “Just The Way you are,” especially for her.

10. Katy Perry

This is emotional! Tony Marrero is a survivor of the shooting at a club in Orlando in 2016, and he explained to Ellen on his show that the hit song of Katy Perry “Rise” had helped him while he was in the hospital recovering from his wounds. Little did he know that Katy was behind the stage, and when he came out and embraced him, and he also offered to pay for the tuition of his first year at film school to help you make your dreams a reality.

11. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Manero, a student of #CollectiveProject (collective project), which he founded Limbitless Solution, surprised a child who’s very special with a new bionic arm made on a 3D printer at no cost to your family.

What of these celebrities do you admire most? Do you know any other celebrity that has come so far to thank their fans? Please share your answers in the comments!

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