11 Girls with a beauty unusually magnetic that would flip anyone on the street

It would seem that the perception of beauty is subjective. Someone considers that the ideal woman is Monica Bellucci while the other opts for Audrey Hepburn. But each beauty is recognized has one thing in common: a touch of distinction that attracts the attention. The scientists also have shown that there are certain characteristics in the appearance that impress us. This is a special magic that makes you pay attention immediately to the person that you like.

Great.guru presents you girls unusual that they became known for their attractive appearance. Read the article till the end, there you will find a bonus interesting.

Anok Yai

A photo accidentally at a festival became to Anok, 19, a star. A girl with a skin color black as coal was noticed by the modeling agency Next Models. Now, she not only has a contract cost-effective and great prospects in the fashion industry, but also hundreds of thousands of fans.

Nyané Lebajoa

This girl is designer and star of Instagram with over 800 thousand followers. The looks bright for the girl and his love for experiments a fashion that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Katarzyna Jujeczka

The recruiter of models noticed to Katarzyna when traveling on the train. Immediately, he realized that he was the face of a future star with an appearance that is unusual and a profile memorable. The participation of the model Polish in the fashion shows of Prada, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior confirm that he was right.

Unia Pakhomova

A Russian model-looking elvish conquered the catwalks of Gucci, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and other brands. The same Unia decided to become a model to prove to all those who felt that their appearance was inappropriate for the fashion industry, that I could succeed and have a successful career.

Kseniya Rain

Ksenia is an artist talented who paints portraits. The love for the aesthetic is also seen in the photos of the girl. Hundreds of thousands of fans not only follow the work of Ksenia, but are inspired by their vivid looks.

Maria Oz

The director of the short videos of animation, Maria Oz, became a star thanks to Instagram. Your user name means “a spiritual face”. Their appearance unusual conquered more than 100 thousand people. The girl always amused when someone thinks that she is widening her eyes in Photoshop. Mary says that she inherited her facial features from her father.

Willow Hand

The model of 18 years old with the face of a wrist was able to work with many important brands (Prada, Valentino, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen). The compare with the Disney Princesses and we predict a great future in the fashion industry.

Marjan Jonkman

The netherlands model more successful, the muse of Saint Laurent, one of the girls most sought after in the industry, all of this say about Marjan Jonkman. His secret is hard work and in your profile unforgettable.

Meghan Collison

“I like to be myself”, says the canadian model Meghan Collison, who fell in love with her own appearance, unusual, and finally made it to Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton is also enamoraran of it.


The model of Tibet was the finding of the last Fashion Week in London. The unique appearance of Tsunaina does not leave indifferent to anyone and many believe that soon the whole world will be talking about it.

Ellia Sophia

The beauty alien Ellia Sophia attracts immediately the attention. It is not surprising that the magazine Vogue has named this girl as one of the top stars of the fashion of 2018.


A virtual model of Shudu Gram

Recently, Shudu Gram appeared in an ad for the beauty brand Rihanna. Just that the incredible appearance of this girl is not a result of having won the genetic lottery, but rather a 3D modeling business. Looking at some pictures on the Instagram of Shudu, it’s hard to believe that in reality she does not exist.

What of these models it seems that it has the appearance more unusual and memorable?

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