11 Comedies great to laugh at for a while

When you return home after a hard day of work, the last thing you want to do is annoy your brain, so you have to take out of your mind melodramas about feelings, or the detectives with their puzzle. We’re going to go forward with films, fun, interesting and very funny.

Great.guru has collected for you 11 comedy genius, and to laugh at the top of your lungs and forget about the problems.

Two good subjects

The Nice Guys

A guard hired by a private detective are forced to work together to unravel the case of a missing girl, which turns into the crime of the century. Both have their own methods of investigation, due to which constantly get into trouble. Actors wonderful, a great atmosphere of the 70s and a soundtrack very catchy make this film a masterpiece.


It seems that Susan, a woman with some extra pounds, is the person least suited to be an agent of the CIA. But when all the world is in danger, no one except she can save him. Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude Law are particularly great in this striking parody of action movies and espionage so well known by all.

The guard

Women, alcohol, and funny jokes are the joys of a police officer of irish, Gerry Boyle. The form of a normal life in his quiet town is broken when it comes to a FBI agent who, along with him, must track down a band of drug traffickers. A comedy is incredibly colorful with a lot of jokes funny.

Armed and dangerous

An FBI agent and a Boston police have a task that is very dangerous: to follow the trail of a drug dealer and neutralize him. The girls in the movie are having fun in the process of his capture, demonstrating his great humorous side. It is a pleasure to see their adventures.

This girl is a disaster


Amy never had a serious relationship. As an employee of a major magazine for men, she has the task of writing an article on a sports doctor named Aaron Conners, but this encounter has all the chances of drastically changing your life. I raunchy jokes and no restrictions!

Runs, thick, it runs

Run Fatboy Run

Dennis Doyle, an enemy of sports, you must run a marathon in London. You have No other choice, you must do this to regain the respect and the love of Libby, the girl who once left him planted on the altar… to be pregnant! It would be terribly sad if this movie was not so fun.

A man at the height

Un homme à la hauteur

A mobile phone lost is converted to a Target in an encounter with a man really amazing called Alexandre. He is smart, tireless and very charming. Has a wonderful sense of humor, and apparently has no defects. Except one… is a little over a meter. Absurd situations and a humor French brilliant, although the film is a remake of the fun-to-tape argentina “the Heart of a Lion”.

A wife of lie

Just Go with It

The main character, Danny, he met a girl called Palmer, and to impress her he told her about a wife’s non-existent, and the difficulties of married life. Now she wants to meet his alleged partner, so he asks his colleague, Katherine, and his sons also to play the role of his family for a time. A comedy and tender and simple.

Arma fatal

A policeman named Nicholas is moved from London to a rural village, where you must get used to living in the desert and learn to withstand his dumb companion, Danny. Suddenly, a series of murders indicates that this place is not as safe as it seems, and they should be put hands to the work. An excellent mood English, and a couple of heart attack, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, they will not let you get bored.

The proposal

The Proposal

The protagonist of the film is a head to whom all subordinates hate. When facing a possible deportation to Canada, immediately decides to take her friend’s young assistant, and even more, marry in a marriage dummy. It’s a fun romantic comedy with many fun moments.

What happened yesterday?

The Hangover

The film is about a drunken crazy prior to a wedding. The characters lived an unforgettable night, although literally forgot everything they had done, and the next morning had to restore the chain of events. Why one of them doesn’t have a tooth? What and where is the missing groom?

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