11 basic Components that you should look for in anti-aging cosmetics (Spoiler: the majority can be purchased separately)

During youth, we find that almost any cream solves all problems. Shortly after, we began to look for what is suitable for us. But after 35 years of age, many realize that the skin accompanies us throughout life, and that to preserve their youth and beauty, you need products that really work. In the composition of anti-aging cosmetics there are components that are especially beneficial for the dermis of adult, so we try to gather recommendations from dermatologists and scientific facts so that you are more informed on this topic.

Great.guru ‘ll tell you about some of the components in cosmetics that are considered essential by the specialists of the fight against aging.

The task of the anti-ageing products

As we age, the task of the care of the skin, changes: we pass to the makeup techniques, therapeutic and preventive. This happens because they lack the special resources to keep the elasticity.

Any skin type needs cleansing, hydration and sun protection. But there are also additive components that are required for certain areas. Dermatologists recommend the use of different cosmetics for the hands, the skin around the eyes, T zone, neck and décolleté. And here is the reason:

  • T-zone and cheeks: to be under the UV radiation, it is necessary to use a blocker to prevent the destruction of collagen, and a rapid aging. The criteria for choosing such products is a dry, normal skin that needs hydration, and it is important not to dry too the dermis, fat, with acne and does not contaminate the pores.
  • The skin around the eyes is more soft and thin. This part absorbs the cream better than other areas of the face. You need to apply less dose of active substance or, otherwise, appear irritation. Especially is needed to whiten, to slow down the aging and protection.
  • The neck and the décolleté area: the skin on the neck has another cellular composition, as it is thinner and has less collagen and sebaceous glands. Due to the absence of this protein, and fat, the neck ages faster, so it needs hydration, stimulation and protection.
  • Hands. By the constant washing and the impact of the cold shrivel and appear cracks in them, so they need a strong hydration. The american association of dermatologists recommends that you use cosmetic composition that has components that will keep the moisture and protect your loss.

For the T-zone and cheeks

1. Retinol. It is an antioxidant that helps to reduce wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin, reinforcing the production of collagen. Several clinical studies showed that this element begins to lighten wrinkles after 12 weeks of use. Vitamin A can be purchased separately in the form of a serum for the face. If such variant is inconvenient, you can receive other products: carrot 50 grams covers a 167 percent of the daily norm. Especially for this reason, the peels of this vegetable for the face work perfectly.

2. Acid lauric acid. Is obtained from the coconut, and the beneficial properties of the oil of this product precisely is due to the fatty acids: lauric, capric, and stearic acid. The first of these reduces inflammation and has antimicrobial properties. Can be found in foams cleansing.

3. Growth Factor. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is multifunctional: it helps to fight wrinkles, blackheads, improves the density and elasticity of the skin, and accelerates the healing of wounds and burns.

4. Nicotinamide. It is a vitamin soluble in water. Five percent of this product helps to reduce wrinkles and manifestations of hyper-pigmentation, improves skin elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen.

5. Protection Factor SPF +30. Various investigations showed that the daily use of cream with SPF 30 helps to improve the state of adult skin. In a year of use, the areas of the wrinkles are reduced, the tone of the face changed, the texture has improved by 40 percent, and the pigment decreased by 52 percent. When choosing a cream, look for the brand PA+++ to protect you to the maximum in the UVA – and UVB rays.

To the skin around the eyes

1. Peptides. Stimulates the production of collagen.French experts found that 3 percent of this product reduces the wrinkles in the area around the eyes. The peptides can be purchased separately and in the form of serum gel.

2. Caffeine. It serves to diminish inflammation, reduce the appearance of blood vessels, and eliminate oedema under the eyes. Scientists showed that creams with this product will reduce the wrinkles. Therefore, this component is often used in cosmetics to the area around the eyes. Caffeine can be purchased separately and you can also make masks home with her.

Some internet users do face masks of green tea or black, products are also rich in caffeine.

For the neck and the neckline

1. Glycolic acid. It is obtained from sugar cane or grapes green. This stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, making the skin more dense and elastic.

Is available for sale in a gel that is used as a peeling. But it is better to choose a cosmetic with a lower concentration, and test the products required before applying to the skin of the neck and face.

Glycolic acid is part of the composition of the tonic, as in the left-hand side of the photo:

2. Ceramides. In the structure of our skin there are fats. Your task is to maintain a protective barrier so that this does not suffer the effect of aggressive external environment and do not lose moisture. Thanks to the ceramides, the epidermal layer is protected from irritation, the sun’s rays and dry air. Among the more adult we are, the less of these fats produced by the body. Can be found in the composition of some sera, or in the form of capsules.

For the hands

1. Lanolin. It is the natural wax obtained from the wool of sheep. Improves the elasticity of the skin, protects it from moisture loss and softens the tissues. Can be found in the content of creams for the hands and the face. For people who suffer from dryness of the skin, the lanolin will be a perfect variant, since it will help you to the tissues “cracked” or rough to recover after a cold weather. Lanolin can be purchased separately at the pharmacy.

You can replace the lip balm with this product. So a jar of pure lanolin at home they will not hurt you.

2. Lactic acid. Occurs when the milk is spoiled, and some producers get the corn. This reduces hyperpigmentation, stimulates the exchanges and cellular exfoliating, protecting the skin from moisture loss. To achieve this effect it is sufficient to use a 5 percent solution, so not worth the risk to buy the cosmetic concentrate. The lactic acid can be purchased separately or found in the composition of some scrubs.

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