11 simple Tips that will help you improve your relationships once and for all

Dealing daily with our loved ones, we end up becoming hostages of the routine and we forget how important it is to pay attention and show our love. And as a result, appear situations becoming more and more frequent that destroy this harmony so important.

Great.guru decided to tell you today 11 simple tips that can transform relationships within the family and take them for a good address, thus restoring the tranquility and emotional stability. We try to put them up today!

11. Hugs to your loved one, at least, once a day

At least, for 20-30 seconds. This contact affects the production of hormones in the body generating attachment and pleasure. The good feeling that you will be invaded after you do this, we accompany you throughout the day, llenándote of heat and tenderness.

10. Actively used modern technology in your relationships

You do not invade the slack: every day escríbile something to your partner about the love, remember how valuable it is to both share moments and stories. It doesn’t matter how: either via SMS or through messages on social networks. Any method will serve, the most important thing is that you do not think that this is all nonsense and does nothing.

9. Pamper your loved ones with nice small details

Back home after a day of work, remember the little weaknesses which houses an important person to you. Perhaps, it is a delicious sweet or aromatic coffee. Imagine how happy you will be if you receive a surprise on your part and for no reason apparent.

8. Remember more often your old friends

If in your life there is a person with whom you’re communicating under the principle that “we can take years without seeing each other, but we still want each other”, that does not mean that this relationship does not need a fertilizer, and cultivated. Remind them of how important it is for you, for example, you can write telling you that, reviewing old photos, you remembered it and are keen to see it again.

7. Make your child smile more often

Don’t forget that children require all of your attention and care more than the rest of people. It is in your power to give the small new and constant emotions happy on a daily basis. And it’s not about gifts constant. Just a note “With love, mom” on the bag with the school lunch or leave a message with a pretty desire in his backpack.

6. Always use your imagination to communicate with the child

Become a magician for your child it is not so difficult. For example, you can brighten the heavy process of your morning. Placed on the pillow next to the little a surprise or a sweet fun. Surely, this will cause the appearance of a smile on the face of the little sleeper.

5. Praise your child and supports you in your decisions

Even a single word of goodness can elevate your spirit, but it is better to say them as often as possible. Remind your child how important it is for your family, how well he did today, and how happy you are of their successes, even though these are small.

4. Glad the day your fellow

A psychological climate healthy in the office is the key to a successful and fruitful work, being in your hands to influence them in the best possible way. Bring a box of donuts delicious or offer them to your companions to enjoy a home made cake. You’ll see that that day, or perhaps the entire week, will be in a better mood.

3. Make promises and try to fulfil them

And best apúntalas in a paper: at the beginning of the week, make a short list of 5-7 points and tries to perform at least one of them, in the next seven days. You soon all the things you never had time to attend, will be finally made!

2. Fulfill your dreams

If you can’t, for a long time, dare to give yourself with something you like, proceed as follows: cut a few pieces of paper the size of a bank note, write on them your wishes and let them in your portfolio. Each time, instead of getting the real money, in your hand, you see this sheet, go running immediately to the store and purchase what she’ve written.

1. Do good deeds daily

If you find an attractive person on the street, don’t be shy, make it a compliment; if you apeteció to make a gift to a child or help an old lady to carry her heavy bags, go ahead! It’s great, every day to be better.

Illustrator Alena Tsarkova for Great.guru

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