11 Things that will definitely differentiate the men from the women

Many say that men and women are from different planets. We are not sure that the planets have something to do, but the physiology and some of the other features, sure. The women definitely differ from men, which even contributes to mark certain skills.

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Men and women choose a different sequence for dressing

This fact is hardly ever mentioned. But it should be noted that men are accustomed to getting dressed from the bottom up: first socks, jeans and then shirt or t-shirt. Women, in most cases, first put on the shirt or blouse, and only after the pants.

Women, unlike men, are less likely to take the risk

Women, it is often said, are the guardians of hearth and home, the ones that always take care of their loved ones. That’s why they care more and are more cautious. Men on the other hand, they love the risk, are difficult to stop and, after the phrase, “we live once”, usually make things more dangerous.

Throughout his life, women eat about 2 kg of lipstick

It is no secret that the pencil of the women ingested with the food and drinks. The scientists have discovered that, in all his life, women eat about 2 kg of this kind of cosmetics.

Women love to cook for your partner

Women have a feature: when a man appears in your life, begin to feed him. This behavior can be justified by the fact that the woman so wants to show the man his abilities to take care of you. But there is also the view that this is done so that other women no longer interested in their partner. Because she will not cease to love him if they gain weight a little bit, but other women may feel less attracted by him.

Sometimes, women ask questions very strange

Yes, of course women are very curious and want to know as much as possible. But if a woman starts to take an interest in the date of birth of your friend or you question your nick in a computer game, maybe you should get to think. Probably she is suspecting something and look for ways to discover if you are hiding something or not.

Women must make a great effort to get down the stairs with high heels

Many men notice the strange way in which women with high heels down the stairs. They do so sideways and with much care, but here the explanation is very simple: go down the stairs in high heels is uncomfortable. Therefore, never hurry to the woman in such a situation, but you never know what can happen.

The handshake female is quite different from the male

When two men shake hands, press with force and produces movement, such as a bob. But when a woman gives hand to a man, it simply gives and makes no more moves, his hand will remain still. It is difficult to say why, but maybe the grips of the hands simply are not a thing of women.

The alcohol and the women are all a mixture

Women get drunk much faster than men. This fact is well known, but few know the real reason why this happens. Here everything is simple: the body of women is less resistant to alcohol, so that intoxication occurs more quickly. When alcohol enters the body, it is opposed by a special enzyme produced by the stomach to destroy the alcohol before it reaches the blood. In the female body, this enzyme is produced in smaller quantities, so more alcohol reaches the blood in a shorter period of time. Men are more resistant in this regard.

The world of women has more colors than men

It is proven scientifically that on an issue of genes, the women distinguish more colors than men. As a result, men often freak out when a woman comes to show the difference between the violet and the lilac.

Women have a better sense of smell

Women love flowers because they have a sense of smell is much more developed than the men. And here is also an issue of genes, that make women more sensitive to the aromas.

Unlike men, a woman’s body changes more often

The female body is unique. Unlike the male, is subject to several changes in the process of growth. In addition, the process of puberty starts several years earlier in girls than in boys. In the process of growth, when a girl becomes a woman, your hips start to round off to subsequently perform the function most important: allow the passage of a child.

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