11 Things that are more secure than we thought (The sharks are little angels compared to cows)

There is No denying that our world can be dangerous. However, some things are not as awful as we are accustomed to think. For example, the sharks, despite having a reputation as a predator hungry for blood, are not so different to the harmless cows. And go for a burger is a lot more risky than an expedition to mountainous.

Great.guru studied a large amount of statistical data and we will talk about things that are much less dangerous than you thought. And all to allay your fears and encourage you to reach new achievements.

1. What shark or whale?

Despite the bad reputation that sharks have received after the movie Shark, are not the creatures most bloodthirsty on the planet. Cows are much more dangerous than the sharks. The probability of being affected by a cow is 20 times greater than a confrontation with a shark.

2. What a roller coaster or golf course?

The scientists consider that the love for roller coasters and other attractions extreme depends on the biochemistry of the brain, people with a high level of dopamine in the blood only looking for in where them with a tingling on your nerves. However, such entertainments are considered to be dangerous (and there are reasons).

On the other hand, according to the statistics, playing golf is much more dangerous that give a turn of the head in a roller coaster. Despite its reputation of being a sport free of bumps, on the golf course there are often cases of severe muscle pulls and hernias of the disk. On this, of course, will not speak on television, unlike the noisy accidents linked with the rides and attractions.

3. What parachute or car?

According to statistics, a car trip is a lot more dangerous than a jump with a parachute. According to data from the Association of Parachuting of the united States (USPA), only one out of every 100 thousand jumps leads to an unpleasant situation. In a few words, you would have to jump 17 times per year for the statistics to approach the risk of an injury auto.

4. What crocodile or bath?

According to the statistics, being in the bathtub is more dangerous than being in a pond with crocodiles. Everything is the fault of the impudence of the man; often, people take a hot water bath under the influence of alcohol. In comparison with the ponds of crocodiles, the amount of failed attempts of taking a bath is much greater.

5. What about lightning or falling off the bed?

Who could possibly think that falling off the bed is just as dangerous? In the course of a period of 10 years (2004-2014), due to the fall of a lightning, were affected less people than the fall from his own bed. The rays affect annually to a quarter of a million people, however, falls out of bed are more dangerous. In the first place, for older people.

6. What elevator or staircase?

The fear of elevators can become a real phobia, in addition to being locked up and full of mechanisms. The stairs are safer and more beneficial for your health. Or do you not? According to statistical data, ascending or descending the stairs is more dangerous than a trip on the elevator in about 60 times.

7. What session of mountain climbing or obesity?

This point may possibly help you make a choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. According to the statistics, the climbing is much safer than the excess weight (at the same time, the relationship you have with the disease). To respect the security measures for mountain climbing, this sport becomes something more healthy to eat fast food and to keep a pace of life sedentary.

8. What plane or extension cord?

Today, we disipamos another fear: flying in an airplane. Psychiatrists have given him the name of aerophobia. However, if we believe in the statistics, air transport is much more insurance that the electrical connections, which people use on a daily basis.

9. Does a lion or a hippo?

It seems that the king of the animals has an opponent that can get down from your pedestal. According to the statistics, the lions are not as dangerous as the adorable and chubs hippos. Despite its impressive weight, these animals reach a speed of up to 30 miles per hour, possess a fierce temper and tear it apart with their fangs all the obstacles that are in the way.

10. Do you Snowboard or furniture?

The snowboard rightly considered to be one of the sports most traumatic in the first place, due to a breach of the rules of safety and the rejection of the necessary equipment. However, even such a pointless pastime is far from the… furniture, which they manage to hurt a lot more people.

11. What meteorite or sewer?

According to the statistics, the probability of suffering by the fall of a meteorite is 1 in 10 million. In the same Land there are things far more dangerous than the heavenly bodies. For example, a manhole open.

Well, what we have managed to allay your fears?

Illustrator Natalia Tylosova for Great.guru

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